factions will have their own unique farming areas, and this article is dedicated to farming gold for Aion. I will introduce Asmodian-level 20 Farming Guide firstly. Nancy G Date: Views: aion asmodian guideaion asmodian farming guideasmodian farming guide lvl20aion kinahaion gold. The world in Aion. Are you struggling with kinah after our lord provider Gameforge fixed this hideous bug that bother all of us? Dont worry, this guide will teach you.

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Trolling is not tolerated. Thisfor mesounds more like a slavery rather than gameplay.

[EU]Best way of making kinah : aion

Then, of course, pray that you get lucky during events and get items that are worth millions. Hello, guys i’m lvl 30 right now, how can i get kinah for the gold pack? Then, of course, scrolls will guidw sell, but there is not as much kinah to be made from those.

Level up this char to lvl 80 dont forget to make all quests. Its not a good idea to build a group of lvl 66 but if you join an experienced group its easy!

Please, post anything interesting about Aion or the companies involved in the making, distribution, or production of Aion.


The guide on kinah that is accessible with Aion games has an explanation on these techniques. Sign in Already have an account?


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You can buy it at broker for 9M there. Posted October 18, edited. In akon “guide”u are not even focusing ur main account. Later on you should create more than 1 account for kinah cap every week! Just kinwh these 10 easy steps: These are used to craft high number manastones, so if you plan to just buy the manastones yourself, you can sell those chronos stones.

Is actually no certainly fair comparisons concerned with the two games, such as differences in character amendment. Aside from your alchemy, there’re not a lot of great ways anymore.

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0. Also you will be able to participate in hero quests if you are in eu server you will get 3 all-powered stones per week for those. So there is no any reason to stay low level, better level up as fast as possible, even if you will have limited entries first week or two. After you hit 70 and gear up you will be able to run more. You get chronos stones from disenchanting archdaeva gear, so run PVE instances, like Adma, Theo, AoE, CoE, etc Apollon gear will always sell, so do your weekly CoE runs; you can also break the gear for chronos stones if you prefer.


Log back to your new char and buy this expensive shait.

The economy would go to shit. Not casual but Semi-hardcore patch. They might have a cunning plan.

Solo ways to farm kinah? – General Discussion – Aion Online

Dont worry, this guide will teach you how to make kinah easy and quick. By now you should have like 15M. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript.

Please do not disparage one version because you prefer another, as these comments will be removed if they are not accurate. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Good luck all on farming.