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ANSI/ASHRAE Standard (Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE Standard ) ASHRAE STANDARD Thermal Environmental Conditions. CBE Thermal Comfort tool to calculate thermal comfort according to ASHRAE Standard , ASHRAE standard 55 thermal comfort tool, thermal comfort. See Appendix I for approval dates by the ASHRAE Standards Committee, the ASHRAE an ASHRAE Standard may be purchased from the ASHRAE Web site .

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The limitations of the system to control the environment of the zone s should be stated whether based on temperature, humidity, ventilation, time of week, time of day, or seasonal criteria. 55-0207

Asrhae there are multiple such locations, the measurement can be performed at a representative location. Systems designed to control humidity shall be able to maintain a humidity ratio at or below 0. Relative humidity Humidity ratio w Dew point Wet bulb Vapor pressure. To cite 55-2007 webpage: The space breaks down into: For all activities except sedentary activities, the metabolic rate for a given activity is likely to have a substantial range of variation that depends on the individual performing the task and the circumstances under which the task is performed.

If there is a discrepancy between the descriptions in this section and the requirements in Section 7, then the requirements in Section 7 supersede the descriptions in this section for the purpose of measurement. In general, people are more sensitive to asymmetric radiation caused by a warm ceiling than that caused by hot and cold vertical surfaces.


Standard 55, Environmental Conditions for Occupancy_图文_百度文库

We welcome and value the opinions of our green building community. Submittal in paper form is acceptable.

Using radiant cooled floors to condition large spaces and maintain comfort conditions. For example, Table B2 indicates that adding a thin, long-sleeve sweater to a clothing ensemble increases clothing insulation by approximately 0. Internet Explorer is not fully supported.

ASHRAE 55 – Wikipedia

Through its Handbook, appropriate chapters will contain up-to-date standards and design considerations as the material is systematically revised.

It is spatially and temporally averaged in the same manner as air temperature. The body of the standard consists of a foreword describing changes made in the current versioneight sections and two normative appendices:. The second method is to add or subtract individual garment clo value to achieve the clothing ensemble in question.

The method in this section may be applied to spaces where the occupants have activity levels that result in metabolic rates between 1.

Effective temperature scale useful for hypo- and hyperbaric environments. Comfort limits for heated ceilings.

It has not been processed according to the ANSI requirements for a standard and may contain material that has not been subject to public review or a consensus process. However, multiple locations around the body may be included to determine a better average. Thermal comfort requirements for floors.

These values may be used in the above equation when the turbulence intensity is not measured.

Thermal comfort – compliance

The purpose of this CIR is to obtain confirmation of what the FTE occupancy of the project will be, relative to this credit and others that are related to the occupants of the building. Standing activity measurements shall be made at the 0.


If occupancy distribution cannot be estimated, then the measurement locations shall be as follows: Nonuniformity is addressed in Section 5. In this standard, the clothing insulation of an ensemble expressed as axhrae clo-value Icl is used. Areas within any 552007 that lie outside the comfort control areas, where people should not be permanently located, should be identified.

The second is to technically establish comfort conditions through the analysis of environment variables. The local thermal discomfort caused by a vertical air temperature difference between the feet and the head by an asymmetric radiant field, by local convective cooling draftor by contact with a hot or cold floor must be considered in determining conditions for acceptable thermal comfort.

The effect of prior exposure or activity may affect comfort perceptions for approximately one hour. As a minimum, the temporal average is a three-minute average with at least 18 equally spaced points in time. When occupant is sitting, one has to realize the insulation effect of 55-2070 chair, and the decrease of insulation asjrae to compression of the air in the clothing.

The function line has four segments: