incl, +10, , , 0, % Hydrostastic Test Refer to ASTM A Minimum Wall tubes +18% 0 available On request. ASTM-A ASTM A TP L Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes. ASTM AM OD, inch, OD Tolerance inch(mm), WT Tolerance %, Length Tolernace inch(mm). +, -. The tube surface will be free of scale by pickling or bright annealing (ASTM). For lengths over 24 ft. add a tolerance of 1/8 in. for each 10 ft., or fraction thereof, .

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Permissible Variations in Outside Diameter. Thin-wall pipe is defined as having a wall thickness of 3 percent or less of the outside diameter. Our offered ASTM A Specification covers nominal-wall-thickness, seamless and welded austenitic steel tubing for general corrosion-resisting and low- or high-temperature service.

ASTM Specification & Tolerance For Tubing & Piping

SS Seamless Tube can be produced with heavier wall thicknesses for mechanical applications. We stocks a wide range of industry standard sizes of both welded and seamless stainless steel tubes in astm x269 It is extremely ductile, with excellent strength at elevated temperatures. To compute safe working pressures, above burst pressures should be divided by your desired safety factor.


Different mechanical test requirements that includes, flaring test, flange test, hardness test, and reverse flattening test are presented. Thin-wall pipe usually develops significant ovality out-of-roundness during final annealing, straightening, tolerznce both. Finally the hardness requirements for different grades of astm a tubes are highlighted.

The ASTM A specification covers nominal-wall-thickness, seamless and welded tokerance steel tubing for general corrosion-resisting and low- or high-temperature service. A Stainless Steel Tubes Coating. The above tolerances on outside diameter include ovality except for thin-wall pipe.

ASTM A269 / A269M Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes

ASTM A Seamless Tubes are manufactured using supreme grade alloying elements, thus ensuring hardness and chemical resistance. It is ideal for hydraulic and instrumentation tubing in chemical, textile, and pulp and paper industries, and in marine environments.

It is extremely ductile, with excellent strength at elevated temperatures. Tensile Strength min ksi MPa. Cut Length bIn.

Ksi MPaMin. The above diameter tolerances are not sufficient to provide for additional ovality except in thin-wall pipe and are applicable only to the mean of the extreme maximum and minimum outside diameter readings in any one cross-section.


ASTM A Stainless steel tubes are finished in accordance with customer needs regarding dimensional and wall thickness specifications as well as heat treatment yolerance more demanding applications. Yield Strength min ksi MPa.

However, for thin-wall pipe the difference in extreme outside diameter readings ovality in any one cross-section shall not exceed asrm. The minimum wall thickness at any point shall not be more than The steel shall conform to the chemical composition requirements.

It is less expensive than seamless or welded-and-drawn tubing. Upon completion, all material shall:. Also, each astm a tube tolearnce be subjected to the non-destructive electric test or the hydrostatic test.

Ovality 2 x Tol. Tubes not heat-treated to be stencilled: Permissible Variations in Wall Thickness Seamless and welded no filler metal added.