Common name: Red Physic Nut, wild castor, wild croton, wild sultan seed • Hindi: दन्ती danti • Marathi: दंती danti, कातरी katari • Tamil. Aqueous extract of roots of Baliospermum montanum was evaluated on preliminary basis for immunomodulatory activity by studying neutrophil phagocytic. Baliospermum montanum (Willd.) Muell-Arg (Euphorbiaceae) is a leafy monoecious undershrub distributed throughout the greater parts of India, Burma and.

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Male and female flowers are separated, seen in the same jontanum branch, minute, about 3 mm across, greenish montanhm, arranged in axillary and terminal racemes, spikes or fascicles. The fixed filters were observed under microscope using X lens and the number of neutrophils cells reached to the lower surface of the filter was counted. Immunomodulatory agents of plant and animal origin increase the immune responsiveness of the body against pathogens by activating the non-specific immune system.

Maheshwari JK, Singh H. Muell-Arg Euphorbiaceae is a leafy monoecious undershrub distributed throughout the greater parts of India, Burma and Malaya. Bull Bot Survey Ind ; In other projects Wikimedia Commons Montannum. Leaves x cm, broadly ovate often 3-lobed, apex acute or acuminate, base rounded, ribbed, glabrous or sparsely hispid above and tomentose along the nerves beneath, inciso-crenate, with a pair of glands at base of lamina; petiole to 6 cm long.

Orient Longman Ltd; Root paste is applied to painful piles and swellings. Seed is rubefacient, stimulant, purgative, and antidote for snakebite and its oil is antirheumatic. Thus, the baloospermum can be further explored for its phytochemical profile to identify the active constituents responsible for the above mentioned activities. Several compounds have been isolated from this plant such as steroids, triterpenoids, diterpenes baliosperminmontaninphorboldeoxyO-palmitatephorboldeoxyhydroxyO-palmitate and phorboldeoxy-5b-hydroxymyristate glycosides, saponins, alkaloids, flavanoids and phenolic compounds [7] [8].


Medicinal plant wealth of the Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh. Department of Pharmacognosy, K. Online since 15 th February, www.

In the present study, aqueous extract of roots of B. An evaluation of some controversial Ayurvedic drugs of Indian pharmaceutical industry.

Acknowledgments The authors wish to express their sincere thank to Dr. Abstract Aqueous extract of roots of Baliospermum montanum was evaluated on preliminary basis for immunomodulatory activity by studying neutrophil phagocytic function. Int J Green Pharm ;2: Views Read Edit View history.

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Jatropha montanaBaliospermum axillareBaliospermum solanifolium. A textual diagnostic description of the species that is not necessarily structured. Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you. Sharma BD, Lakshminarsimhan P. Screening of Indian plants for biological activity.

Does not include altitudinal distribution, which is covered under Habitat. A market study of some controversial drugs supplied from Haridwar and Dehradun area. From the results obtained, it can be concluded that the aqueous extract of roots of Baliospermum montanum has exhibited significant effect on phagocytosis by human neutrophils and chemotactic locomotion of neutrophils.

User Group specific search options Title. The slide was drained, fixed with methanol and stained with Giemsa stain Hi-media. J Econ Taxo Bot ;6: Seasonal migration and reproduction are usually treated separately. Enumerates geographic entities where the taxon lives. Medicinal plants of Rajasthan in Indian system of medicine.


Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Baliospermum montanum – Red Physic Nut

Species specific search options Taxon Hierarchy. Please review our privacy policy. Can include ecosystem services. Immunostimulant, Baliospermum montanumnitroblue tetrazolium test, phagocytosis. J Econ Taxo Bot ; A scrutiny of literature revealed some notable pharmacological activities of the plant such as anticancer, antimicrobial, free radical scavenging, immunomodulatory, hepatoprotective, and anthelmintic.

Retrieved from ” https: Roots, seeds, leaves and seed oil are used to treat jaundice, constipation, piles, anemia, conjuctivitis. Baliospermum montanum is a stout undershrub with numerous flowers.

Bull Med Ethnobot Res ;5: Classifications Author Contributed Taxonomy Hierarchy [admin] Author Contributed Taxonomy Hierarchy [admin] Hierarchy contributed by the species page author Hierarchy contributed by the species page author. Effect of Achyranthes aspera extract on Phagocytosis by Human Neutrophils. Baliospermum montanum is a stout under-shrub 0. Subscribe this journal to your library. It is reported to contain axillarenic acid, baliospermin and montanin, which possess wide range of activities such as anthelmentic, diuretic, purgative, bronchitis[ 5 ].

J Econ Taxo Bot ;4: