Baltron’s Beacon Did you Play or DM this adventure (or both, as some did)?. (DM), you may use Baltron’s Beacon in any campaign or world setting you choose. Read the adventure carefully before run- ning it for the players. Study the . 16 items Find great deals on eBay for baltron beacon. Shop with confidence.

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For Dark Albion or the pseudo historic setting of Lamentations this makes the cult a baltroh target for mercenaries working for the Inquisition placing the cult perhaps at the heart of the Black Forrest or some other border area of Germany or even an isolated region of France or Spain.

The portal is just for convenience, but I sent you a PM how to find the key. In Baltron’s Beaconthe player characters are hired to enter a swamp and search for a substance called “black flame” in a ruined tower occupied by bandits, rogues, and a chaotic wizard.

Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes.

Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: A strangely delivered advertisement has led you to a sage named Demetrios. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Conan Chronicles 2 – The Zamorian Chronicles.

To succeed, you must penetrate the keep and baltrln a unique Black Flame worshipped by the old cult. Allow Distribution in others work. Level Based Earn XP and level up. I can’t tell you more without doing spoilers.


Baltron’s Beacon

Is that walkthrough posted anywhere else? How long are they going to stay? Went back to the “big encounters” like the dragon and the lizardman lair in case I had missed the key You’ll know it when you see it. Wasn’t that after T4? Good old PnP module. Baltron’s Beacon – your experiences? How do you rate this content?: The lower levels though which were through a teleporter on the second level, so they mav have been taken from another modulethose I shudder to remember.

The there are simple reasons for this and are at the heart of why this adventure works so well for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

Ad&d 1st Ed Baltron’s Beacon TSR | eBay

Also, equip your team before entering the swamp The Exile – IceBlink. It is interesting to see how everyone’s experiences compared and differed. He needs a rare component to complete a desperately needed potion. This adventure is one part DYI dungeon adventure location with a very limited backstory that allows a DM to customize it as they see fit. Views Read Edit View history. Bloodright – The Blood Royal.

Could those evil ones be lurking about still?


You will know soon Dark Avenger Chapter 1. GameMaster Publications Issue 3 – Mar If you want really good stuff you have to craft it. It’s pure dungeon crawling baltdon in places for a mid level adventure that wears its adventure over plotline on its sleeve.

I seem to have missed the key needed to use the portal. Larry Elmore David C. Monday, 17th October, Beware, for the eerie green light shining upward from the central tower, the beacon that guides your way, may attract others as well. Then I read the first post about “Baltron’s Bacon. Results 1 to 10 of Player- Single or multi-player.

I did not need the walkthroughs and I liked galtron I felt lost in the marshes. I had a little trouble with some of the secret doors as they looked like you should click on them but the intent is that you just walk through as though they were illusions. Add a copy to your collection. Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. Originally Posted by BiggusGeekus. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.