if aFile ends with “.cwk” then open aFile set docName to name of front document — extension. set prevTIDs to AppleScript’s text. Mass Conversion of Two Years of Docs from AppleWorks (CWK) to Plain or script to batch convert AppleWorks documents to plain text files?. So a former administrator left quite a legacy of documents in Claris Works and/or AppleWorks. Is there any way to batch convert them into a.

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convegt I will be testing the final run of his new script on my project tomorrow and once that is done, with his permission, I will post the script so others can use it.

I was able to open all the Appleworks files!

Sign up using Facebook. You are presumably aware that Pages can only open AppleWorks 6 Word processing documents, Numbers can only open AW6 spreadsheets, and Keynotes presentations. Run it or drag and drop a folder icon on its icon.

How can I batch convert old Apple Works files?

I keep an old mac around just for ot on to Appleworks documents. You can then save in a variety of formats that you can open on a more modern system. While your issues may have been solved there is still the issue of drawing documents. Ditto on the TextEdit trick. Jul 14, Posts: Thanks for the reply. I have tried the last script from this post: Batch convert files recursively Yvan Koenig wrote: My Pages application had some kind of corruption in it. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


Couple of questions before I do the conversion: The only thing it convfrt drop is tables elements. Yvan did indeed respond to my query and vonvert his original script to save files in the source folder and get around any files that have lost their resource convet. And, a small moment of silence for the genius that was ClarisWorks. Tue Nov 20, 2: It may be more reliable for your files to send them to someone who has AppleWorks and have them saved as RTF or something for you.

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No drawing, no painting, no spreadsheet and a few database files that I know I can’t save. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Probably more work, unless you can Automator or Applescript it, but a better chance of retaining more content and especially more formatting. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.


How can I batch convert old Apple Works files? | The Tech Guy

Your code is unable to do the wanted duty if you drag a folder onto it. The French version always comes first Yvan lives in France, his bathc language is Frenchand is immediately followed by the English version.

I have Pages ’09, do you think I need the earlier version? While mechanical translations are not perfect, they are often ‘good enough’ to be useful. But that’s just me not knowing how to use it. Place the copies of these files in the new folder. Convegt am trying to convert my Appleworks files now.

batch converting AppleWorks / ClarisWorks files to RTF or similar

So the odds are that batcb documents were one of those types that the iWork apps can’t open even if they are AppleWorks 6.

It looks like it’s time to resurrect an old G4 machine and put an old version of iWorks on it. I lose some formatting, but the important stuff is in there.