May 19, Fraunhofer researchers have analyzed different process chains for Blisk manufacturing and identified significant cost saving potential in a. Mar 21, Expert software for blisk (multibladed disk) manufacturing is a rare exception to this rule. From the point of view of CAM, all blisks are very much. Not long ago, many manufacturers were happy just to be able to completely machine a blisk from a solid successfully, whether it was done efficiently or not.

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Commons category link is on Wikidata All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Articles with permanently dead external links. The world was introduced to the first predominately composite aircraft, the Eurofighter, in Research is being conducted to produce mannufacturing using friction welding of “near net” part shapes that are then machined down to the final blisk shape. Managing suppliers internationally becomes more straightforward every year.

Here the researchers recorded all the information for each process chain: Nonetheless, our experiences at Gardner Aerospace tell us you need manufacuring no fears about sourcing from suppliers who use low-cost labor in markets such as India and Poland.

The cutting tool often works with a high overhang, raising stability requirements. The benefits, from time efficiencies to cost savings, are many and significant. As equipment becomes more complex, the task of capability management for defense departments gets a whole lot more complex.

The large number is for better speed and repeatability. The elimination of the dovetail attachment found on traditional turbine blades eliminates a source for crack initiation and subsequent propagation.

The principal part made on the GROB machines is a fuel controller housing for an auxiliary power unit used on most Boeing s and Airbus As. Most importantly, those gains can be passed on to the customer. Eric Brothers is senior editor with Aerospace Manufacturing and Design magazine. Key customers will find reassurance in knowing your facilities are close to their own headquarters, for example.


All suppliers can be alerted immediately and simultaneously when a customer provides new specifications or a delivery date moves. In general, significant new material development is unlikely during the next decade. There is no better way of ensuring the highest level of quality than through your own staff operating your own machinery in your own locations. The sixth generation logistical support enterprise GLSE — this future generation of logistics solutions — will see support optimization through probabilistic methodology with the capability to dynamically interact with the in-service support solutions.

Opportunities are extensive, from process checklists to quality manuals online that save reprinting costs every time a change is made.

The industry is considering applications for turbine disks. Blisks may also be known as integrally bladed rotors IBR. Disseminating information Your new facilities and international partners may share your belief in quality but may have very different processes in place by which to achieve those goals.

Where will we go from here? A round part with integral manufacturign vanes and blades. Its bread-and-butter pieces are geometrically complex machined castings and forgings with multiple, varied ports and threaded openings. Capability management challenge Organizations are focused on capabilities that balance through-life costs and operational effectiveness. Raw material demand The total material consumed in annual military and commercial aircraft production and maintenance, repair, and overhaul MRO is approximatelytons inaccording to ICF International.

Solutions will move to being in- terfaced with the enterprise solution, with feeds of maintenance information being two-way in real time.

He also likes the horizontal application and the ability to invert the table to manufacthring chips fall away. The past 15 years have been intriguing for aerospace, from a commercial and a technological standpoint. Although only one G has a Schuler pallet system now, Norris has the machines positioned so he can extended the pallet system to both.

Significant cost saving potential in Blisk manufacturing

The total material consumed in annual military and commercial aircraft production and maintenance, repair, and overhaul MRO is approximatelytons inaccording to ICF International.

Powdered metals Powder metallurgy mitigates inhomogeneous microstructure that typically arises during the casting or wrought manufacfuring. Your new facilities and international partners may share your belief in quality but may have very different processes in place by which to achieve those goals. He can be reached at pr gardner-aerospace. In some blisk rough-slot milling, such as machining Ni-alloys, a trochoidal tool path is the most productive.


Four-dimensional CT in the laboratory has potential for manufacturing. Every business wants to operate as economically as possible, but is low-cost sourcing advisable? Context aware — Solutions will automatically tailor their operation through recognition of the maintenance environment they are in. In the 21st century, there are no reasons why an intelligent company cannot operate multiple locations and do so without loss of quality control. Bill Bihlman manudacturing the founder and president of Aerolytics LLC, a boutique management consultancy that specializes in aerospace.

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A challenge of CFRP structures is damage detection and repair — reasons for metal fuselages that are subject to impact damage from ramp service vehicles. Due to their complicated shapes, blisk machining requires the use of multi-axis machine tools and advanced CNC software. Manyfacturing achieve an objective comparison, the research team looked at a few promising alternatives alongside conventional milling from a solid block: Clearly, there can never be compromise in key areas such as materials, machine tools, and consumables.

It hlisk of a single part, instead of an assembly of a disk and individual, removable blades. He picked two bisk and gave them time to learn. Although the small-footprint GROB machines seemed the right fit for Norris Precision, there was concern the machine operators would have difficulty adjusting to the new controller, a Siemens Sinumerik D sl.

As manufacturing companies grow, one of the major challenges is to maintain consistent quality control at multiple locations.