BLOWGUNS. The Breath of Death. The blowgun, sometimes also called a blowpipe or blowtube, has a long but not necessarily well-documented history. The blowgun is a mysterious tool of silent death. Michael Janich reveals the many secrets of its capabilities and uses: how to buy or make your own blowgun and. Buy a cheap copy of Blowguns: The Breath Of Death book by Michael Janich. The blowgun is a mysterious tool of silent death. Michael Janich reveals the many.

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Blowguns: The Breath of Death

Blowguns were historically used in many regions oF the Philippines, but they are probably best known on the island or Palawan, the easternmost island of the Philippine archipelago. Fanciers of more sophisticated weapons often dismiss the blow r gun as an oversized pea shooter useless against anything larger than a mouse.

You can prolong the life of this type of dart by spraying the stopper with a coat of lacquer, varnish, or even hairspray, but they still won’t breah as long as darts with more durable stoppers. Standard wooden or spring steel darts can be coated w ith practically any PRO JKCTII ,KS substance and shot into a target, bui a syringe dart makes it possible to put even greater quantities of that substance into your target s bloodstream.

One curious use of the blowgun in this century was during World War II, Colonel OLlo Skorzeny, leader of a notorious unit of Nazi commandos, was known lo have equipped them with dummy cigarettes that were actually miniature blowguns. The s to pjiers for these darts most often took the form of cotton fiber or thistle twisted around the tail end of the shaft to form a small ball of equal or slightly larger size than the diameter of the gun’s bore. The ultimate challenge for the do-it-yourself hlowgun maker is to make a gun out of solid wood.

Mouthpieces for homemade blowgyns include from left to right neck of plastic soda bottle, hotfowed-out rubber aurch tip, and 35mm film can. Attached to the cork, or wTapped around the Lube if iL is smaller than Lhe bore of your gunare strips of cotton cloth that have been treated with a mixture of potassium chlorate and granulated sugar. I was humbled, but more importantly, i had become a believer in the blowgun s potential as a serious weapon, 1 spent the rest or that afternoon experimenting with that blowgun, shooting at different types of targets, and becoming more and more impressed with what I saw.


This feature makes it great for making small takedown guns, as it is easy to find tubes that fit tightly around your barrel tubes to use as couplings. On exposed skin, they can also sting quite a bit. Tubes with very thin wall thicknesses are preferable, as they are not only lighter but are more certain to break on impact.

Iroquois, Muskhogeans, Attica pas. The glass tubing provided very little friction but obviously w r as fragile.

These darts are designed to be used either with an adaptor kit for a gauge shotgun or with specially designed air guns, lb ensure Lhat these darts will operate correctly at the lower velocities produced by a blowgun, you should first experiment using a liquid dye or other highly visible substance and shoot into a test large l.

Then sharpen both edges on a whetstone, I Is a good idea to make protective covers for the heads of these darts do pre- vent cuts. Another excellent technique for camouflaging a blowgun is to use commercially made archery bow limb covers. The primary requirement for a blowgun is. Now lake a small rubber band and slip it through both holes so one end loops around Lhe outside of the syringe body and the other slicks out the back of the lube.

Blowguns: The Breath of Death by Michael Janich

These blowguns can accommodate ,caliber paintballs for paintball action games. Be careful r though, as it will take off skin even quicker. In the time- honored tradition of restricting Lhe posses- sion breatth inanimate objects raUicr than pun- ishing criminals for their actions, two states have passed laws making the blowwguns session of blowgun s illegal. Finally, if you unscrew both the handle and tip of the shaft, you are left with a short, though very functional bfowguiL The darts are stored right in the bore when not in use.

Search the history of over billion web pages blpwguns the Internet. Commercial blowgun dan kits and completed darts. With your gun complete, you can now turn your a Lieu ti on to making darts or other projectiles to shooL through it.


Velocity also determines the range of a blowguo. The final step in making any type of dart is to sharpen Lhe point, This is saved for last to prevent accidentally sticking yourself dur- ing construction of the dart. At all limes while detah this, keep Lhe reference mark pointed straight up. The hot wire melts the plastic and when it cools, the stopper is permanently fused Lo the wire.

As with single piece guns, make sure you rieburr the dewth Sips of all your tube sections to keep darts from getting stuck in the bore or thrown off target. Its inside diameter is very close to the outside diameter of the tube. This poison kills by cardiac effects. Joe marked it as to-read Apr 03, nreath When loading darts coated with poison into your blowgim, make a paper funnel to fit Inside the mouthpiece. This of course varies with the length of the gun, the weight of the dart, and the lung power of the shooter, but it represents a good average.

Darts are, of course, the most common type of projectile. You also want lo get it the same every time. Drill a very small hole in the exact center of it so when it is inserted and glued in place, this hole is aligned with Lhe primer. Additionally, when shooting at targels in trees or other high places, missed shots with wooden darts will usually fall back to earth so Lhe darts can be reused.

This gun is a three-piece takedown model that assem- bles via integral friction-fit collars. By practicing shooting Trout one position at targets placed al different ranges, you can learn Lo judge these gaps very quickly. The stoppers will be good for as many as half a dozen shots before requiring replacement. The same holds true of other exotic natural poisons.