THE CANTONMENTS ACT, (ACT NO. II OF ). [16th February, ]. 2. An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the administration of. Act 53 of Although, armed force of the Union are stationed in cantonments within Part B States, the Cantonments Act, amdthe Camtonments (House. (1) This Act may be called the Cantonments Act, . (xiii) “Executive Officer” means the person appointed under this act to be the Executive Officer of a.

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PART B 1 a ii. Lease of octroi, terminal tax or toll.

Drainage and sewer connections. It this list of exceptions, notices issued undersection andsection are proposed to be added,- Gaz. Removal and exclusion from cantonment of seditious persons.

Names of streets and numbers of buildings. No appeal shall be heard or determined under this Chapter unless- a the appeal is, in the case of a tax assessed on the annual value of buildings or lands or both, brought within thirty days next after the date of the authentication of the assessment list under section 69 exclusive of the time requisite for obtaining a copy of the relevant entries thereinor, as the case may be, within thirty days of the date on which an amendment is finally made under section 71, and, in the case of any other tax, within thirty days next after the date of the receipt of the notice of assessment or of alteration of assessment or, if no notice has been given, within thirty days next after the date of the presentation of the first bill in respect thereof: RULE OF THE ROAD – Whoever in driving, leading or propelling a vehicle along a street fails except in a case of actual necessity,- a to keep to the left when passing a vehicle coming from the opposite direction, or b to keep to the right when passing a vehicle going in the same direction as himself, shall be punishable with fine which may extend to fifty rupees.

Power of the Central Government to review. A Board may make special provision for the cleansing of any factory, hotel, club or group of buildings or lands used for any one purpose and under one management, and may fix a special rate and the dates and other conditions for periodical payment thereof, which shall be determined by a written agreement with the person liable for the payment of the conservancy or scavenging tax in respect of such factory, hotel, club or group of buildings or lands: No member of a Board shall vote at a meeting of the Board or of any committee of the Board on any question relating to his own conduct or on any matter, other than a matter affecting generally the inhabitants of the cantonment, which affects his own pecuniary interest or the valuation of any property in respect of which he is directly or indirectly interested, or of any property of or for which he is a manager or agent.


Provided, further, that priority shall be given in the order hereinafter set forth to the following liabilities and obligations of a Board, that is to say,- a to the liabilities and obligations arising from a trust legally imposed upon or accepted by the Board; b to the repayment of, and the payment of interest on, any loan incurred under the provisions of the Local Authorities Loans Act; c to the payment of establishment charges; d to the payment of such expenses on account of pauper lunatics sent from the cantonment to public lunatic asylums and mental hospitals as the Government directs the Board to pay; and e to the payment of any sum the payment of which is expressly required by the provisions of this Act or any rule or bye-law made thereunder.

General power of exemption. Provided that the tools of artisans shall be exempt from such distress or sale. Regard to be had to social and religious usages. Custody of cantonment fund.

Cancellation and suspension of licences. Proviso to section 77 was re-numbered as section 77A by Act 26 ofsec. Power to vary constitution of Boards in special circ umstances. Power to sanction general scheme for prevention, of overcrowding, etc. Examination of milk of washed cloths.


Whoever feeds or allows to be fed on filthy or deleterious substances any animal, which is kept for the purpose of supplying milk to, or which is intended to be used as food for, the inhabitants of a cantonment or allows it to graze in any place in which grazing has, for sanitary reasons, been prohibited by public notice by the Board shall be punishable with fine which may extend to fifty Taka.

An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the administration of cantonments. The effect of including area in cantonment.

The action so taken shall be indicated on an interleaved copy, or on the margin of the audit note, which shall be sent to the Accountant- General, as promptly as possible and at the latest within three months of the date of receipt of the note.


Any bye-law made by a Board under this Act ach provide that a contravention thereof shall be punishable- a with fine which may extend to one-hundred Taka; or b with fine which may extend to one hundred Taka and in the case of a continuing contravention, with an additional fine which may extend to twenty Taka for every day during which such contravention continues after conviction for the first such contravention; or c with fine which may extend to ten Taka for every day cat which the contravention continues after the receipt of a notice from the Board by the person contravening the bye-law requiring such person to discontinue such contravention.

Constitution of Cantonment Boards.

Indian Numbered Acts

Where it is certified to the Executive Officer by the Health Officer that it is desirable, with a view to prevent the spread of any infectious or contagious disease in the cantonment, that the Health Officer should be furnished with a list of the customers of any 19924, the Executive Officer may, by notice in writing, require the washerman, within a time to be specified in the notice, to furnish the Health Officer with a full and complete list of the names and addresses of all owners within the cantonment of clothes and other articles which the washerman washes or has washed during the six weeks immediately preceding the date of the notice.

Obligation to give information of infectious or contagious diseases. Meetings and powers of Committees of Arbitration. Report after inspection of dairy or washerman’s place of business.

Licences for carrying on of certain occupations. Provided that no order shall be made under this section cntonments any person unless he has had a reasonable opportunity of being informed ofthe grounds on which it is proposed to make the order and of showing cause why the order should not be made.

Act 15 ofClause 7]. The order of an appellate authority confirming, setting aside or modifying an order in respect of any valuation or as assessment or liability to assessment or taxation shall be final: Routes for pilgrims and others.