Precision and accuracy of the CardioChek PA and Cholestech LDX analysers were compared to clinical diagnostic laboratory methods. In Find great deals for CardioChek PA Professional or Home Blood Cholesterol and Chemistry Analyzer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Performance of the CardioChek PA and Cholestech LDX point-of-care analysers compared to clinical diagnostic laboratory methods for the measurement of.

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This item doesn’t belong on this page. The CardioChek HRA is the common denominator showcasing the entire CardioChek test system with built-in applications for connectivity and data management, as well as a traditional print off for the patient.

Check your package insert for the correct sample size. If not, the analyzer may not produce correct results. Is the analyzer being operated inside, away from direct sun or lamp light?

Available in sizes 15uL, 20uL, 40uL and 75 uL.

More Info User Guide. Venous whole blood samples can be collected in EDTA tubes lavender tops or heparin tubes green tops. Unistik 3 Dual 1. Each package of strips comes with a MEMo Chip that contains lot-specific information for the specific strip being used.


Do not report results until check strip passes Back to FAQ.

[Study on the reliability of CardioChek PA for measuring lipid profile].

Was the chip inserted before the analyzer was turned on? This system is intended to assist in screening for decreased HDL Cholesterol, a risk factor in coronary heart disease. Ketone is the only test strip that uses whole blood, serum, or plasma. CardioCheck Lancets, 25 ct Price: High temperatures affect the strips. The CardioChek PA test system is capable of monitoring for diabetes and other disease states and lipid screening.

CardioChek PA Professional or Home Blood Cholesterol and Chemistry Analyzer

Quality control materials for HDL Cholesterol. Unistik 3 Extra 2. The numbers didn’t change much between the two tests, so I’m taking that to mean that the analyzer is consistent and my small dietary change didn’t have much impact. Fecal Occult Blood Testing. More Info Sales Brochure Instructions. Is the MEMo Chip installed properly? You now have a fast, accurate means of making treatment decisions or reinforcing compliance for your patients.

CardioChek PA Professional Blood Testing Device

Measures total cholesterol, HDL and triglycerides. Multi Chemistry Control Solution Price: Easy-to-use cholesterol analyzer, with just two buttons do it all!

CardioCheck Ketone Test Strips. You may also like. Have you changed the batteries? White Blood Cell Analyzer.


Ideal for fingerstick sampling and dispensing.

[Study on the reliability of CardioChek PA for measuring lipid profile].

cardiochke See details for additional description. So far, I’ve used it twice 2 weeks apartto see how a small dietary change impacted my numbers. Inspect the optical glass in the analyzer where the test cardiocchek is inserted. What if the test results are in decimals or appear to be higher or lower than expected?

Have you checked the batteries? The Control Solution was most likely manufactured and distributed prior to the lot of strips that you have.

I bought mine used and got a really good deal on it, but it works fine.

If not, clean with alcohol wipe and dry completely with gauze or lint-free cloth or tissue. Reads the test strip expiration date Tells the instrument which test s to run Contains the calibration curve and lot number for the specific Test Strip Controls the test sequence and timing Establishes the measurement range for the test.

Are you using whole blood?

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