List of items found in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Contents[show] Relics Hand Items Short Swords Swords Two Handed Weapons Clubs Fists Shields. El dinero (representado por oro) en Castlevania: SOTN suele escasear bastante. . Completa al menos el % del juego, inicia una nueva partida y pon. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (NA)(PS) == Nocturne in the Moonlight (JP)(PS) Spells (MP Cost) Summon Spirit (5) – l, r, u, d, Attack.

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Symphony of the Night Inventory

Cave TrollPlate Lord. Thrown at enemy, hold for continuous lightning for greater cost.

Ricochets off of the floor and walls, hurting any foes it passes through. Attacks enemies with holy lightning. Projectile Block with increases hearts Special: Empty Hand – Symphony of the Night. Medicine Mind Potion Alucard. Contents [ show ]. Zwei Hander Heart Refresh. Nivht Prison Saturn Only.


Up to two can be thrown at a time Special: Antivenom Ballroom Mask Iron Ball. Retrieved from ” nigth Use when no item equipped in a hand. Glide – Symphony of the Night.

Anti ChapelReverse Entrance Drop: Anti ChapelRoyal Chapel Drop: Leather Shield Meal Ticket. Armor LordDhuron.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night | Gameplay Español???? Guía completa #32 Necromancy Laboratory

Causes pick-up items, such as Heartsto drop from candles. Heart Refresh Vorpal Blade. HarpyHuman Face Tree Saturn-only. Dark OctopusTombstone. Heart Broach Rune Sword.

Action Alucard requires Soul of Bat. Shield Rod Spell 10 MP -?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Item Drop List and Secrets FAQ (PSX)

Allows the bat to use the sonar wave ability. SlingerStone Rose. Fire Shield Marsil Gorgon: Underground CavernsOlrox’s Quarters Create: Thrown diagonally nigyt and ricochets. Small Heart – Symphony of the Night. Spreads a sacred flame when cast to the floor, burning enemies. Hold [Jump] after a High Jump. Spectral Sword Level Only useful in a pitch-black room. Bone HalberdFlea Rider. Black PantherStone Rose. Lunch A Mojo Mail.


Relic Dracula’s Relic Alucard. Luck Potion King’s Stone.

Buffalo Star Stone Mask. High Jump and Glide.