In the twenty-first century, The Chymical Wedding by Johann Valentin Andreae continues to be acknowledged as a literary gem, an exceptional story written in. The drawings on this page appeared as illustrations in The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published by Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Rosicrucian. Inspired by the third Rosicrucian manifesto, the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published four hundred years ago, the anonymous author of this.

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We laborators now sat alone for a quarter of an hour or so, till I, perceiving a trampling overhead, had an eye to my ladder. Although the book first appeared inthe story takes place over years earlier.

In the letter of James we find reference to the royal way or royal law Jas 2: Before the King and Queen stood a little altar, bearing six curious objects — a book xhristian with christiam velvet, overlaid with gold; a taper alight in an ivory candlestick, upon which Cupid now and then puffed in sport; a celestial globe, turning of itself; a chiming clock; a crystal fountain of chritsian water; and a skull through whose eye-holes a small white snake wound in and out.

Rsoenkreutz Three Royal Couples: This was a perfect square, with a great wall running all round it, two hundred and sixty paces thick. On the spiritual path one must be humble. We were now, with due ceremony, installed Knights, and conducted in procession to a little chapel, where I hung up my golden fleece and my hat.

Keep these wounds for my sake. She was attended by two hundred knights in armour, with surcoats of red and white; some of these she directed to unbind us, and to place us where we could see well what was to follow. In the rear, G, in which were forty virgins. An angel visits with a message, an invitation. The twelve musicians who had sat in the ship of the Pyramid now brought in a fountain, and with it a great oval casket, which, as I surmised, contained the bodies of the beheaded Kings and Queens.


I now joined my fellow-guests in our hall, where Cupid would needs have me show him my hand, where he still found a little drop of blood, at which he heartily laughed, and had the rest have a care of me, as I would shortly end my days. The Play in the Sun House: Views Read Edit View history. Plato said of the myth christiaan Isis and Osiris that it could weddong understood on twenty different levels, and was true on all of them.

Weddjng musicians were fetched and with cornets blew us out of doors with such derision that they themselves could scarcely sound for laughing. It is therefore a book of great significance for our time, one that it is important should be studied both for the deep impression made by its Mystery pictures and for an understanding of its spiritual revelations.

This dream I recounted to my companion, who felt assured that by it some comfort was intended. In the second letter of Peter we find the only reference to one chyymical a thousand II Pet 3: For two hours the fountain played, and the distillations dripped into the oval casket till the bodies it contained were quite dissolved.

Johfra here depicts him as falling apart. To use our talents to assist all rosenkreutzz have need of them. Those who were proved imposters, and had never been invited, were to forfeit their lives to sword or halter.

This can happen in different ways: After Atlas’s oration, out steps our old man, wishing the King and Queen all happiness and increase, after which he delivered a curious small casket, but what was in it I know not; it was delivered to the custody of Cupid, who hovered between them both. Suddenly the winds rose, the sea grew rough, and clouds covered the moon.

Meat was now brought in, and served by invisible hands, everything so orderly managed that it seemed as if every guest had his own attendant.

In this tumult I had almost cursed the day wherein I had come hither, and I opined that the Lord Bridegroom would have done well to seek some other fool than me for his wedding. He had her tenderly and royally brought up, and planned to marry her to his son when she came of age. Not to strive for wordly chridtian and high authority. No author was named in the book, other than Christian Rosenkreutz henceforth CRCbut Johannes Valentinus Andreae — claimed to be the author, in his autobiography.


Then each of us was conducted by his page to a richly furnished bedchamber, where the page lay on a pallet near him, in case he had need of anything in the night. But now a black raven darted down at the dove, who took refuge in flight, the raven hastening after her and I after him. In it the Guardian of the First Portal reported that his observations of the stars revealed that one of the King’s guests had uncovered Venus; thus the time had come when he rosenkrwutz should be released from his office, and he beggged to be permitted to be present at that evening’s banquet in the hope of discovering his successor.

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Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: Here we found a great square copper vessel, filled with silver sand, in which the egg was placed and warmed over a gentle fire, till, being ready, it christan taken out, but needed no cracking, for the Bird soon freed himself, looking very jocund. Yet can I not let it pass unrevenged that you were so near stumbling upon my dear mother.

They teach a path of transfiguration to lead humans back to their divine origin.

Smiling at my curiosity, she replied in another riddle: