tipos de craneo. normocefalo o mesocefalo dolicocefalo (en nave) braquicefalo ( aplanado) turricefalo (pico) micro macro. triangulo anterior del cuello. tipos de craneo study guide by hugoberx includes 12 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. craneo proporcional al resto del cuerpo dolicocefalo. Nariz: tamaño. Tabique nasal: posición. Mucosa nasal: permeabilidad, olfato, aleteo nasal. Coriza. Oídos: forma, tamaño, posición, simetría.

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Europa Soberana: The new racial classification (I)

To finalize this introduction, it is recommendable to deepen in morphopsychology, that is, analyzing the psychology of an individual using his physical features, especially of his face. Suggested origin of WN white by paternal line. Although this map is very general, it needs no further comments, everyone can recognize it in general terms. Britaincolonizeddiversityenglandeuropeexterminationexterminio blancoextreme minoritymuslimraceracialrazatower hamletswhite genocide.

People with a tendency to blush be it of anger, heat or embarrassmenthave RN contributions.

craneo dolicocefalo pdf

Dental configuration is very related to craniomandibular configuration, that has a decisive influence on the brain and is the result of dietary adaptation.

Medicine and body alchemy. Love for Nature, patriotism, attachment to the homeland, intelligence, impulsiveness, unpredictable personality, prone to fits of fury and sudden uprisings, proclivity to excesses in violence matters, but also to overwhelming joy.

When it grows, dolicocefslo tends to stick to the head. Straight and progressive orthognathous, straight facial angle. Nobody needs to be a genius to see solicocefalo all this process is extremely dangerous, that it attacks the foundations of evolution and that the peoples of the world must revolt against the parasitical, financial, mediatic and political mafias that are keeping us in the dark.


Even so, it seems difficult that a race like the WN has arisen randomly and by chance: Extremely fibrous, lean dolicicefalo vascular. Thus, gracile mammals such as Plesiadapis, Smilodectes, or the more ape-like Aegyptopithecus, are thought to be ancestors of the hominids.

Modern Heretic January 25, In these societies, considered precursors of the Celtic-Italic world, cattle, mining, metallurgy, and salt were very important. The truth does not need to be protected by law. Mithochondrial DNA maternal line analyses show their lineages to be far more distant apart than modern humans something normal for a race that scattered and lived foryears, most of the time living under hard natural selection and isolation of entire clans.

All colours between brown and blue like hazel, amber or green are determined by the amount of melanin involved in the process as well as the number and size of the proteins inside the eye. The high lactase persistence that some I1 peoples like the Swedes manifest today, was probably acquired by intermixing with Red Nordid peoples.

Such people come almost always from relatively recent Germanic waves, as the Barbarians, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans.

On the one hand, terms such as “species” and “race” should be reconsidered. However, in blue eyes, the outer layers have hardly any melanin, so that the light passes directly into the inner layers.

The same can apply to Homo erectus and the various pseudo-Erectus Ergaster, Georgicus, Pekinensis, maybe Antecessor and Heidelbergensis: To begin with, the climate change took the White Nordids out of the environment they were adapted to. Either way, we should not confer excessive importance to material cultures. Just in case it is not clear, let me give a simple example to “demystify” the haplogroup issue a little: It would be interesting to make this kind of maps by regions, not by countries, but it poses too many complications.

  E3X NM11 PDF

Most Cro-Magnon archaeological sites are located in territories classified here as steppes or tundra.

In civilised multiracial societies, slave trade, white slave trade, smuggling, piracy, legal and illicit business, “organized crime”. Again, more than in White Nordids. The great mass of ancient Egyptian population belonged to the T lineage, and even the Pharaohs, among whom Red Nordid contributions dolucocefalo important abundance of blonds and redheads, Tutankhamun R1b paternal lineagewere strongly armenised.


Everything that is now brewing in terms of changes and agitations, will find a meaning in the birth of a new variety, fathered by the European kind. The R1b1b1 projection to China is also interesting.

From there, dolicocefalk branch Aryans would head to Iran giving rise to the Persian civilisation, while the other branch Indo-Aryans would end up in the Indus, where it destroyed the cities of the Indus civilisation mainly L and R2 haplogroups dolicocefwlo established the Vedic culture.

Thirty years later, only counties — fewer than five percent — fit that same description. Even on farms, Whites report how they were laid off in favor of Mexicans.