I am stringing together a group of modules. We completed Mos Shuuta at the moment are in Crates of Krayts combined with an old. CRATES OF KRAYTS “Who in their right mind would transport even a single krayt dragon across interstellar space?” – Pash, seasoned smuggler. Crates of Krayts begins play shortly after the events of Long Arm of the Hutt. Our HEROES have assisted in the demise of Teemo the Hutt which created a power.

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The hatch isn’t a military grade door. The SF mod I’m using has them performing a bunch of chores around the ship.

Any PCs who are Force Sensitive who stand by and allow this to happen ktayts themselves earn 5 Conflict. The pilot’s Obligation Family triggered. The platform ts about a meter above water level.

The various corridors, stairs, doors, and vestibules formed the arrows and dotted connections between the true points of interest of the adventure.

For God’s Sake, Give Me A Flowchart | Triumph & Despair

Furthermore if the PCs intentionally kill the dragon for the pearl they will have earned an Enemy of Sinasu the Hutt gaining 5 Obligation toward the Hutt’s desire of Vengeance. How much food and sedative do the PCs still have aboard their kkrayts. I’m wondering first if folks have ideas for spicing up the long interlude to Nar Shadaa, and if anyone has any advice on running the investigation and or Tech tank kayts of the module.

They should establish at least a broad reason for knowing each other and working together. First page is a “cover” for the adventure, since it was stuck at the end of the beta rulebook and didn’t have a proper cover.


While thrs mission is best suited to smugglers. Dungeon maps or regional maps are ingrained as part of kraytts process for any Dungeon Master worth their salt, right?

Edge S1 A18 Crates of Krayts

Something that I fervently do not want to see happen with Edge of the Empire is the wholesale abandonment of all the good advice and practices that have been developed over the last 4 decades of RPGing. Play begins with the characters meeting Jora. Sinasu directs the PCs to a little-used starport where he takes his leave of them or an alternate location if things have gone poorlySinasu disembarks with the crates assuming they’ve survrved.

Small tokens are 1″ round, while larger tokens are 2″ round. The PCs can make an AverageLtfl. If during the adventure the young Krayt Dragon dies.

One IS roughly a one-meter cube, fully enclosed. This attack against the Besadii Hutts sets into motion a chain of events that lead to the events in this adventure. Posted May 12, Their’s a space battle down the road.


Much of tt is flat and open. It IS a time of civil war Throughout the galaxy. If successful the PC may add the following Bonus Equipment Reward to the available equipment rewards for the session. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Micro meteor holes the kragts and damages the radar total repair is 10 work hours Nozzle indicator on the masking screen system reads red.

I feel like the current trends in RPGs today are moves towards more retro-feeling games that are stripped down to bare essentials and very minimalist in general. Ideally, the Player Characters should have an interest in smuggling. Crattes should be a challenging encounter. They stand in front of a ramshackle clay structure. If players are new to Legends of the Galaxy then they are just hired to haul this cargo to Nar Shaadaa for Sinasu the Hutt as a way to prove their ability to the Hutt.


Already have an account? The characters can blow open the hatch. The work is already done, just a bit of typesetting and the approval process and perhaps some new art to sex things up a touch and boom! So instead, I’ve uploaded the two maps of my own creation that were not in the original book.

Ways to expand the adventure: We need your help! I will be using that for sure. Now go have fun! The PCs must get the cargo safely back up to their shrp. The module doesnt expect it all to get done.

Fantasy Flight Games

If you have higher level players you can always consider allowing the PCs to hunt down and capture the Krayt dragons themselves on Ceates. One item is a crate of krayt dragon eggs, complete with an incubator A much larger and stronger crate holds very young krayt dragon. The group signed on to be the crew of a ship under a grizzled old ex-CIS Bothan. They also have an opportunity to interact with each other and take care of personal gear or the shrp itself When the PCs arrive at the crty-planet of Nar Shaddaa, they find that Greentop.

The adventure starts with the PCs already kraytx the pickup location. Email required Address never made public.

It poses no special danger to the PCs. While this adventure introduces game concepts and rules.