Croquis elaborados en la factoría misterroresfavoritos. Also, many of the easier climbing routes can be seen as practice routes, ensuring that Torozo, together with the towers of Los Galayos is among the best known. Reasons for going to Galayos. Posted on Monday November 5th, by admin — No Comments ↓. After many summers going to Galayos.

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There were even prizes and a podium. This is a fact. Weather Conditions La Albujea and El Torozo Since there is a huge elevation gain of up to m between the north and the south of the Sierra de Gredos Main Ridgeweather conditions on both sides are ga,ayos different.

Torozo : Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering : SummitPost

View Torozo Image Gallery – 79 Images. The photo gallery is coming soon. The La Albujea routes are shorter and less frequented, mainly due to the antiquity of the bolts used for protection here. We could lie like scoundrels and say that climbing the Galayoos desert towers a breeze.

Every gesture implies, like a domino, another tab to be moved. Sure, so extrage place can not appear by chance.

It is connected by short ridges to the other two summits. This tangle of lines, grades, belays and rappels not intended to be the last word.


One is placed at approximately m, on the trail to Torozo from Puerto del Pico. Don’t have an account?

To complete the team well taped hands and a few others with the subject of trouser with a few turns of tape. There is a huge walk to get there. So for a whole summer has been dedicated to asking people we met there: IV 23 El muro de Meli meters L1: Get together a good gang, trickle them, xroquis your things and gift yourselves a trip to paradise Photogalery of Hoyamoros. So, no matter what it is told here you must go there and taste it. Gredos Ibex resting on the Torozo north summit.

Why people is changing Rodellar by Aguja Negra?

But Red Rocks has a little of everyhwere and much more. So you want to work! Short and long routes, easy an difficult ones, slab and cracks. An e-mail full of information on a new crack crag in Portugal, with plenty pictures of course. A place inhabited by people who can not take a shower, because there is no running water, and supplies should be carried in a backpack because it cannot get even a donkey.

Index of /Gredos/Croquisgredos

Or one of each one. Always misses some image or some anecdote. Complete change of direction. Just park your car seems that the guide has deceived you, because there is no climbable feature in sight, but after a five minute walk through the forest and a sandstone tower suddenly appears through the trees.


Another e-mail asking for information to Isabel Boavida, who answers with very valuable links to other websites. The important thing is worth climbing each route. Nosotros encantados de colaborar. From Madrid it can be reached by two routes, north and south.

The wheels chirped in all curves up to Olmsted Point.

Torozo and Macizo Oriental. Are you going to climb to Bavella? The crkquis campground is located in the south of Puerto del Picoat Prados Abiertoscomplete with apartments and fincas: To successfully complete a trip of this kind it is rcoquis to find tougth friends, those ones that remain humorous when a tire is flat on a deserted dirt road and can take many days without having a shower. A glacial valley lost into the mountains.