View Notes – Opp’s Notes(1).doc from CSE at Anna University Chennai – Regional Office, Coimbatore. CS OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING 3 0 . Anna University CS Object Oriented Programming Department of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology (Regulation. Download CS Object Oriented Programming notes Anna University lecturer notes and QUESTION PAPER.

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When a class is declared as a friend, the friend class has access to the private data of the class that made this a friend. Programming is the process of writing a computer program in a language that the computer can respond to More information. What is function template? Explain basic to class type conversion with an example.

The continue statement skips the remainder of the current iteration initiates the execution of the next iteration. And finally, the area of object A1 is displayed. A class specification has two parts: There are two data members length and breadth. A sequential file has to be accessed sequentially ; to access the particular data in the file all the preceding data items have to be read and discarded. A class can allow non-member functions and other classes to access its own private data, by making them friends.

Three important facilities are added onto C. Line 1 — x is an integer, give it value 10 Line 3 — p gets the address of x.


Define runtime exceptions Runtime exceptions are automatically defined for the programs that we write and include things such as division by zero and invalid array indexing.

  ASTM D2794-93 PDF

If two or more derived classes are derived from the same base class then it is known as hierarchial inheritance 7. Robert Lafore, Object-Oriented More information. Objects have State have a value at a particular time Objects have Operations associated set of operations called methods that describe how to carry out operations behavior Objects have Messages request an object to carry out one of its operations by sending it a message messages are the means by which we exchange data between objects.

But you have to think about pointers. A function is a set of program statements that can be proceesed independently. An overloaded add function handles different data types as shown below. Initially named kbject C with classes.

Istream — input stream does formatted input. The term break refers to the act of breaking out of a block of code. SetMarks Ymarks ; X. Explain class to basic type conversion with an example. In the example above two functions are orientd. But, this method is not preferred. SetMarks Xmarks ; Y. C Program structure and execution 2.

Who can access the protected members. Platform independence means that we can write and compile the java More information. What rpogramming be overloaded. It is a mechanism that associates the code and More information. The default access for members of a class is.


By default, fills blank space character. How does an enumerated statement differ from a typedef statement? How the computer interprets the string More information.

Auth with social network: Unit III F un c tion and class templates – Exception handling — try-catch-throw paradigm — e progrzmming specification — terminate and Unexpected functions — Uncaught exception. And all the objects are categorized in a special group.



Process of making certain data inaccessible Inheritance: CS Exam I: Which may generate exceptions. Control Structure Normally, a program is executed in a sequential manner.

What is the correct value to return to the operating system upon the successful completion of a program? Modular programs Programming style Data types Arithmetic operations Variables and declaration statements Common More information.

The only difference between a friend function and member function is that, the friend function requires the argument to be explicitly passed to the function and processes them explicitly, whereas, the member function considers the first argument implicitly.

Object pointers are useful in creating objects at run time. Semantic Analysis Semantic Analysis: Overloaded constructors have same name name of the class but different number of argument passed. If you want to initialize a object A3 so that it contains same value as A2. You can also initialize data member inside the constructor’s function body as below.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. It is called constructor because it constructs the values f data members of the class. Introducing the switch Multiple-Selection Statement Outline 9. A private member function can only be called by another function that is a member of its class. Pre increment Pre increment Post increment 21 5 Example Identifiers and Expressions CSE