I got up and for some reason felt an urge to read from the Diwan of Hallaj. I opened up the book and came upon a selection that moved my heart in a very deep. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. (Diwan al-Hallaj: 34). For most Muslims especially legalistic, tawhid or the unity of God meant that God was inaccessible to man. Al-Hallaj believed that it was.

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O people, is the affliction cured by the affliction? Mubashir Hassan rated it it was amazing Nov 29, I am I inni ann. These rebellions were deeply rooted to the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and this connected Al Hallaj to the profound mystical teachings of the Prophet and his descendents.

One of its characters Mohammad ala Rushdie is a novice Sufi of the Mevlevi Order, writer and also an activist for the creation of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. I am the One whom I love, and the One whom I love is myself. A friend of my daughter, Nedda, wanted to meet me. In he moved to Baghdad, and there he decided to meet al-Junayd.

From this perspective, it does not appear as evident as before that Hallaj was merely an exuberant intoxicated. The University of North Carolina Press.

In the same period he was arrested for the first time. He spoke in ways that shocked ordinary people but awakened and were understood and cherished by his fellow travelers. Although the majority of early Sufi teachers condemned him, he was almost unanimously canonized by later generations of Sufis. Log In Sign Up. Professor Schimmel, moreover, affirms that the clash between the two mystics had been caused by the jealousy of Makki for Hallaj married the daughter of the rival.

He was said to diwah “lit four hundred oil lamps in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre with his finger and extinguished an eternal Zoroastrian flame with the tug of a sleeve. History of Iranian Literature. You are the life of my soul!


Namara inscription Pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions. Sufis have been riwan long dwelling upon the idea of pain and love. Furthermore, even the theory of the disrespectful behaviour of Mansur cannot be justified al-halllaj the base of his future conduct.

Untuk memahami all-hallaj dan makna puisi al-Hallaj, paling tidak pembaca harus berkutat dahulu dengan pemahaman tasawuf; “Anaal-Haq!

Mansur Al-Hallaj

On the other hand, Husayn managed to gather a conspicuous amount of opponents. After returning to his family in Baghdad, al-Hallaj began making proclamations that aroused popular emotion and caused anxiety among the educated classes.

Other men go away for their pilgrimage, but my pilgrimage is toward the place where I am. Allen Severino rated it really liked it Sep 18, In doing so, though, Hallaj attracted both admirers and detractors. At that time Arabic culture was ao-hallaj based on oral al-ha,laj, with poetry at its center. In fact Sahl was a particular Sufi who did not adhere viwan the Sufi community and, therefore, Mansur had not been obliged to wear the suf, the viwan stole of the Sufi.

They would also absorb ideas from China and India, adding to them tremendous knowledge from their own studies. Islamic Studies 39 2 Summer: February 9th, Comments Off on Beyond Dogma.

It is the starting point of Islamic monotheism and it states the absoluteness omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence of deity. In practice, he and many other thinkers and important figures of the time, had been sacrificed for the sake of social stability. Throughout his whole life, Mansur will be able to develop his own religious ideas, always diwsn to reach the Truth in the most suitable way for him, which often was the most difficult.

Mansur Al-Hallaj – Wikipedia

The conditions of Al-Hallaj’s confinement varied depending on the relative sway his opponents and supporters held at the court, [8] but he was finally condemned to death in on the charge of being a Qarmatian rebel who wished to destroy the Kaababecause he had said “the important thing is to proceed seven times around the Kaaba of one’s heart. I picked Justin up at the train station and we spent the afternoon together talking. Diwan Al Hallaj by Mansur al-Hallaj.


Al-Hallaj’s principal works, all written in Arabic, included: From a political point of view, it may be not unusual to look at Husayn as a scapegoat, used by the viziers to maintain forcedly the control over an always more unhappy population. Perhaps the most controversial Su! A good deal of the Koran is concerned with laying down rules of behaviour in common life, religious practice and society, as the Suras were broadly used for instruction of the Ummah, or new congregation of Islam in Mecca and Medina during Muhammad’s life as he recited them.

For instance, the first poem can either perfectly represent the Sufi style of poetry, or it may be interpreted, as well, as the effort of a Manichean mingled into a wider ecstatic literature. The esoteric perception could not be well understood by the mass who only grasp the exoteric aspects of the divine. This was seen as a declaration of self-divinity and he was sentenced to be hung by the neck. He is most famous for his poetry, accusation of heresy and for his execution at the orders of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Muqtadir after a long, drawn-out investigation.

Schimmel and Mason, more or less, concord that Husayn was not a charlatan and, therefore, they recognise his achievements in poetry, the former, and mystical experience, the latter.

His pilgrimage to Mecca led to further enlightenment and he began to attract large numbers of followers, breaking the normal Sufi practice of esoteric secrecy by public preaching, including reform of corrupt clerics.

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