Ed Silvoso. likes · talking about this. Public Figure. CHAPTER 11 Prayer Power in Argentina1 by Edgardo Silvoso Edgardo Silvoso, a nativeborn Argentine, is the founding president of Harvest Evangelism.

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Riots, murders, sexual abuse, extortion and male prostitution were commonplace.


Also, medical doctors, journalists, one senator, aldermen, politicians and lawyers responded. I bought a map of Mar del Plata, marked on it the location of every church, and prayed for those churches regularly. We worked very hard to make it a truly interdenominational event.

Harvest Evangelism is Born With only 30 days of insurance left with the Palau Team, and my medical bills very high, one night I prayed decisively for supernatural guidance. Myasthenia gravis was written all over my body.

Luis loved cities, he loved sinners and he loved preaching to the multitudes. Olmos — as the prison is commonly known — was so impregnable that pastors from the nearby towns had great difficulty getting inside its perimeter.

He went so far as to remove the pews from the church so more people would fit inside the building. He witnessed to the mafia dons, gang leaders, drug dealers and even to the Church of Satan priests! He is a recognized leader of the Argentine Revival and of the modern transformation movement. I reached the pinnacle of my presentation when I described my dream about an entire city hearing the gospel. The town silvosi was La Plata, no Laplata exists in Islvoso.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Peter and Doris Wagner, and later, Cindy Jacobs, taught scores of leaders and pastors on intercession and spiritual warfare. I witnessed a trickle of responses, but the rushing river I was hoping for never materialized.

They sent love offerings to needy congregations. We held church meetings four times a week and two evangelistic meetings on Sundays. Last year a town in Central Argentina was devastated by floods and the church in the prison was able to send relief by using the product of their tithes.

Ed Silvoso

Also, as my health improved, our team grew accordingly. On March 24,we dedicated the retreat center. Harvest Evangelism was founded in August and pioneered city transformation beginning with Resistencia.

That was not the end but the beginning of a new phase. Charisma Magazine July 31, The prison was so out of control that by default the authorities turned over the daily running of the place to the mafia and drug dealers serving time there. Rather than individual baptisms in separate local churches, they chose to have a mass baptism. Even demons were cast out. However, even more significant was the development of a viable prototype to reach entire cities for Christ.

While I was very grateful for the excellent and helpful medical treatments I received, some of the procedures were as painful as the illness itself. I networked as much as possible with their pastors.


This is how it came about:. At first, we questioned the veracity of the report. This mammoth vehicle could hold all of our evangelistic paraphernalia: This is the river that quietly listened to my youthful conversations with God week after week.

Beyond those encouraging numbers were blessings that cannot be quantified: Satan was in control indeed. I found the answer while preparing an assignment for Dr. Until a few years ago, the prison was in total chaos. Evangelistic Outreach As A Teenager When I was 14, I was picked out of my local church to be a youth evangelist and canvassed the streets of San Nicolas weekend after weekend.

Spiritual Mapping in the United States and Argentina, — When discharge day came, I asked permission to give the farewell speech, hoping to see a mass movement of conversions. This was unheard of before.

Can you imagine what happened to a cozy, well-organized congregation of 50? I had never experienced anything like this!

I had to be hooked up to the plasmapheresis machine to survive.

They did this by meeting regularly for prayer, intercession and accountability. God Encounters Religious Organization. I knew it then, and I know it now: