: El maestro de go/ The master of go (Lingua Franca) (Spanish Edition) () by Yasunari Kawabata and a great selection of similar . El maestro de Go. Front Cover. Yasunari Kawabata. Emecé, Author Yasunari Kawabata was born in Osaka, Japan on June 14, He experienced. El Maestro de Go by Yasunari Kawabata, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The player who wished to adjourn had to “seal their move”, writing it down and putting it in a sealed envelope at the end of the playing session, so that both players would be on an even footing. Mishima was bold and iconoclastic, while Kawabata was serene and seemingly removed from time.

The Game of Go that has its origins in China about 4ooo years ago is now an inhabitant of the Japanese culture. And then Kawabata gives the final scores at the start of the second chapter. It’s almost impossible to explain why this is a source of indignation yasunafi you don’t know anything about go, and even if you do, it’s still a little opaque to an amateur Westerner like me.

You know that Hemingway maesteo about stories being icebergs where most of lawabata mass is under the surface? The Master belonged to the latter. There was a distinct loss of control, whereas in times gone by, the master was omnipotent in the realm of go. It’s expressed when, back in his room, he politely shakes his head over his opponent’s play and maaestro forfeiting.

Kawabata ritmeert perfect, bouwt de spanning op en graaft diep in de spelerszielen, dit alles in zijn typische ingetogen stijl. Nov 01, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sollte aber nicht so viel Wissen vorher vorhanden sein, hilft der sehr lehrreiche Anhang aber weiter.

To the untutored eye, the first stones placed on yasunwri board seem to fall at random, maesro the master already sees the battle to come and these first stones plant the seeds of the war. He presents all the moves in the game, and comments the play. Is then this illusionary territory that brings tragic consequence when the sanguine vagueness is marred by the loneliness of reality?


Uragami in this epic struggle that spans over the period of nearly six months. I couldn’t finish the Wikipedia article on the game of Go.

Once again, the game of Go beginsdeciding a new destiny for its Master. Dec 26, Philipp rated it liked it Shelves: There’s the writing, which may seem uncomplicated and plain at first, but which actually reveals itself to be poignant and extremely captivating.

My experience with Kawabata is a circuitous road. He was the last hereditary heir to the tile of Honinbothe dominant school of Go for the last years.

An era when a single game would last more than 6 months with close to 50 hours of combined play with a single move taking more than three hours and the game bearing so heavy on the players minds that they would suffer serious health problems to the extent of being hospitalized. By the time, territory is occupied. Interspersed with the story of his wake and the people traveling to pay their respects are scenes from the actual game, spanning six grueling months and several cities.

I know that both go mastery and Japanese fluency would make it infinitely more accessible, though. Is the art of the game that creates martyrs of its soldiers? This book, which is apparently more straightforward than a lot of his other novels, is quite difficult to parse as an emotional work. An inhabitant of the Meiji Era, the Master finds himself standing on the edge of modernity that challenges traditional mores and progress in a strange world with cries for equality.

Frequent bathroom trips indicate the tension. I wrote “inevitably” because the total length of the match is about six months: The Master of Go by Yasunari Kawabata.

The game takes place over a period of six months, with elaborate formal rules, frequently renegotiated the negotiations being one source of conflict and stressconcerning how many days break will take place between each day of play, and how many hours will be spent playing.

It’s supposed to be an exploration of old values vs.

El maestro de Go – Yasunari Kawabata – Google Books

Wil h Spannend relaas van een legendarische go-wedstrijd, waarbij de grootmeester wegens ziekte het onderspit delft en het prototypische jong talent zijn smerigste amestro opentrekt. Kawabata writes a factual account of a Go match, which at one level could be compared with the sort of journalism you see in a magazine like New in Chess.


This book is hard to recommend, there is just not enough action, not enough dramatics for the distracted Western mind to immediately like it. Open Preview See a Problem?

Well, I still don’t know if the problem is Kawabata’s writing or Seidensticker’s translating, but I have a feeling it’s the latter. The Master seemed like a relic left behind by Meiji. During that time, Kawabata keeps on visiting with the man and often spends the night at the same hotels where he stays.

There’s no rhythm or melody to his writing, so you feel you are walking along an incredibly uneven path that makes unexpected turns all the time. But he keeps this story interesting by giving us the rooms, the people, the autumn trees, the fraught wives, the gardens, the smell of burning paulownia wood, etc. Everything had become science and regulation. The book does include diagrams of the game as it progresses, though — go students still study this game as one of the classics.

A single game took almost half a year. Well, the Master of Go is basically an iceberg the size of a continent and the only visible part is one square yard of unadorned reportage.

How does a book about a go game win the Nobel Prize for Literature? I can think of no better example of this than The Master of Goby Kawabata. This is the second Seidensticker translation I’ve read “Snow Country” was the firstand the lack of flow is very noticeable.

El Maestro de Go

And yet you can still follow Kawabata’s thoughts and kawaabta the contrast between the Master and his opponent. One of the reasons is that it primarily focuses on the ultimate Go competition between the Master Shusai and the challenger Otake of the Seventh Rank from June 26, in Tokyo to December 4 in Ito p. Even as a total novice to the game, one can ,awabata how meaningful and rich every single rule, scheme, movement can be.