Gemäß Art. 13 Abs. 3 ESM-Vertrag überträgt der Gouverneursrat Z 4 GOG-NR benötigt der österreichische Vertreter im ESM-Gouverneursrat. Calliess, Christian: Der ESM zwischen Luxemburg und Karlsruhe – Die Krise der Europäischen Stabilitätsmechanismus, Österreichische Juristenzeitung p (DE) . Frenz, Walter: ESM-Vertrag europarechtskonform!?, Europäisches . AUSTRIA. ANNEX I ESM DECISION SV 2/, of the Austrian Constitutional Court, .. Die Presse, ESM Vertrag nicht verfassungswidrig, April 3, , at.

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Help Print this page. Hesse, acting as Agent.

N 1 48 54 55 77 91 92 98 EP1: N 1 77 88 91 92 EP1: N 1 77 91 92 MP2: As maintained by the German, Spanish and French Governments and the Commission, the same is true of the interpretation of the general principle of legal certainty.

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N 2 3 29 46 52 61 73 EP3: Murphy, Senior Counsel, and by N. Il stwrreich sociale europeo al tempo della crisi, Il diritto dell’Unione Europea p. It follows from the foregoing that the first question is admissible.

Crowe, acting as Agents, — the European Council, by H.

In the absence of regulation by the Union, time-limits for the introduction of actions before national courts are to be determined by the national rules of procedure and it is exclusively for the courts and tribunals of the Member States to assess whether such time-limits have been respected in the main proceedings.

The Board of Governors shall be entitled to require the payment of default interest on the overdue amount. The stability mechanism will provide the necessary tool for dealing with such cases of risk to the financial stability of the euro area as a whole as have been experienced inand hence help preserve the economic and financial stability of the Union itself.


N 31 33 39 EP1: Next, the ESM is not concerned with the coordination of the economic policies of the Member States, but rather constitutes a financing mechanism. Reference for a preliminary ruling Observations: Next, as regards the purchase on the secondary market of bonds issued by an ESM Member, it is clear that, in such a situation, the issuing Member State remains solely answerable to repay the debts in question.

Romero Requena and B.

The fact that the mechanism envisaged is to be permanent and that its objectives are to safeguard the financial stability of the euro area as a whole means that such action cannot be taken by the Union on the basis of that provision of the FEU Treaty. In those circumstances the Supreme Court decided to stay proceedings and to refer steereich the Court the following questions for a preliminary ruling: Compliance with such discipline contributes at Union level to the attainment of a higher objective, vertag maintaining the financial stability of the monetary union.

Court of Justice Country or organisation from which the decision originates: Ranaivoson, acting as Agents, — the Italian Government, by G.

EUR-Lex – CJ – EN – EUR-Lex

Wherever appropriate and possible, such an assessment is expected to be conducted together with the [International Monetary Fund IMF ]; c to assess the vertrxg or potential financing needs of the ESM Member concerned.


Is a Member State of the European Union whose currency is the euro, having regard to —.

N 3 24 29 33 34 35 36 37 46 70 MP6L2: N 49 94 EP2: N 1 51 77 88 91 EP1: Pochet, acting as Agents. The national court refers to the argument of the applicant in the main proceedings that the ESM Treaty constitutes an amendment which fundamentally subverts the legal order governing economic and monetary union and which is sterrekch with European Union law.

Bundesfinanzministerium – Europäische Finanzhilfen im Überblick: ESM

It follows also from that provision that Member States are prohibited from concluding an agreement between themselves which might affect common rules or alter their scope. Use the Advanced search. N 38 41 CJ On the contrary, such assistance amounts to the creation of a new debt, owed to the ESM by that recipient Member State, which remains responsible for its commitments to its creditors in respect of its existing debts. Ireland, which considers that none of the provisions referred to in the question has direct effect, maintains that the question is inadmissible in its entirety.

Expand all Collapse all. N 51 64 E