a cirugía cardiaca en el Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad del Bajío To validate the EuroSCORE model in adult patients at the Hospital. Assessment of Euroscore and SAPS III as hospital mortality (1)Unidad de Críticos Cirugía Cardiaca, Servicio de Anestesia, Hospital Virgen. According to the EuroSCORE, 55 patients were classified as high risk (%), .. de Disfunción Renal en Cirugía Cardiaca) Cardiac-surgery associated acute .

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Renal impairment 2 See calculator below for creatinine clearance. Cardiac surgery-associated acute kidney injury: The exclusion criteria were the presence of diagnosed kidney disease, the use of any form of renal replacement therapy prior to surgery and missing information in the euroscofe records. Discriminatory capacity was analyzed by calculating the area under the ROC curve.

Renal dysfunction after myocardial revascularization. The model’s discriminatory power was also adequate, as indicated by an area under the ROC curve of 0.

Does the EuroSCORE Identify Patients at Minimum Risk of Mortality From Heart Surgery?

CABG was performed in 24 Xirugia aim of the present study was to investigate whether a low EuroSCORE value corresponds to low mortality in our setting. The 3 categories are: The purposes of our study were: If the mortality in this population differs substantially from the expected value, the surgical team should reflect at length on the outcome and define a strategy to improve it.


Images subject to Copyright. We did not analyze other types of cardiac surgery.

The study relied on pre- and postoperative data from patients who were consecutively admitted to the hospital with surgical indications for heart disease e. Among the patients who were classified as medium or low risk, acute kidney injury occurred in In these patients, the mortality predicted by the logistic variant was closer to the actual mortality.

Nephrology Carfiaca ; 10 6: The following information was collected from the patient medical records: Acute kidney injury AKI in the postoperative period after cardiac surgery has long been known to be a prevalent and severe complication. In the comparison of the 2 models, only low and high risk groups were studied because of the relatively low mortality in the study population.

Assessment of Euroscore and SAPS III as hospital mortality predicted in cardiac surgery.

The surgical cardiiaca were myocardial revascularization in 55 patients Images subject to Copyright. The modifiable risk factors should be optimized, 17 and specific cardiacaa protocols should be created for these patients, which will minimize the emergence of AKI. Iberoamerican Cardiovascular Journals Editors’ Network. The average age was Goodness of fit was assessed using the Hosmer-Lemeshow test which estimates a C statistic from the difference between observed and expected values for mortality in different risk groups.


Comment in Int J Artif Organs. A total of operations were performed in ; This does not include cardiopulmonary resuscitation following induction of anaesthesia.

New EuroSCORE II ()

In we identified 59 Please review our privacy policy. For the age variable, in the logistic method b was multiplied by the number of years that the patient euroscoer 60 years of age. Before using a probabilistic model in a context other than that for which it was created, 20 the model should be validated to ensure that it cidugia not generate erroneous probabilities.

It is a simplified version of the logistic model and the weights it uses are derived from that model.

Intrahospital mortality during this period was again zero. This study has several limitations, including a small patient sample size and the retrospective analysis of information from medical records. However, an occasional risk factor was observed in other risk assessment scales modified Parsonnet. Fifty-seven cardicaa these patients underwent isolated CS, and 59 of them isolated VS.