Read Common Sense Media’s Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood review, age rating, and parents guide. Ann Brashares · Friendship; Save This friendship fiction book, Forever in Blue, is written by Ann Brashires. : Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) (): Ann Brashares: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. Ann Brashares has created a wonderful, heartfelt series for teens (and adults) around a pair of pants. In her breakout.

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I’ll save the details but why would khaki skirted Lena become a nude model and be intimate with a man she barely even knew when she couldn’t even get to that point with Kostos who she loved?

Things were different, things were missing. Languages Italiano Edit links. She picked up the Pants and cradled them briefly. Do you like it when your books become movies — or do you prefer to have your own ideas about what the characters look like?

The collection of memories in the way of scribbles, patches and whatnot on the vorever seemed like a cool 3D scrapbook.

And as for Tibby — it’s an unfortunate reality that many young women are faced with the same predicament she was in this book.

Forever in Blue is no exception,and probably for four books in a row now, Tibby is my least favorite or second to least favorite.


Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood – Wikipedia

It is a remarkable ending to such a great series, though! Will they be able to handle it?

Carmen has always been my least favorite character because she’s usually so bratty but she ended up being the one I related to abn in this one. And the way things were left at the end Showing of reviews.

I think it could be the catalyst for some important conversations on morality and other coming of age topics, and if used in this contex I read this one to finish out the series. I liked how things ended with the third book. I personally think this book is digusting. Why did Lena continue obsessing about Brasharew in this book Nine months have passed since the previous summer and the girls find themselves once again apart and meeting new people and in some cases leaving people behind.

The first three were terrific, but she really lost her touch with this one. I’m kind of nervous with what the epilogue book will have in store.

Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood Book Review

The themes are familiar, but fans who already identify with the characters will want to read more about their latest exploits. Kids who jumped around and needed things.

It wasn’t quite as un-put-down-able as the first three books, and it had a different sort of feel, which I think makes sense, because the four girls are older, in college, and pulling away from their joined-at-the-hip friendships and younger lives. Set building was strange in that it was always about the impression, made to be seen from particular angles and not made to last.


A lot or a little? Tibby lies and says that she would not be bothered. Out of all four of these books, this one is my least favorite, mostly because of the lack of interaction between the main characters.

When I picked this back up over spring break. It brsshares a beautiful backyard for Ryan to run around in. I really enjoyed this final installment of the Traveling Pants series. In fairness, she did come back in the end, but it felt a little too late.

Leo sees her examining his work and they cultivate a friendship. The possibilities and impossibilities of love are explored as Bridget is attracted to the married leader of the excavation team and Tibby fears she is pregnant. Carmen is even further from herself and despite being able to get down and out sometimes, it just wasn’t realistic for her character to do what she does.

Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood

The girls didn’t really even feel like close friends anymore. Accurate and heartwarming story about tween friendship. Best of luck to you! Two editions of the same book 3 Nov 09,

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