Zoe Marriott lives in Grimsby, Lincolnshire with two cats, named Echo and Hero, and the Devil Hound, otherwise known as Finn. FrostFire is her fourth novel. A literary and compelling story about war, revenge and first love from a talented fantasy een-year-old Frost has left her homeland to travel to the. FrostFire (Daughter of the Flames, book 2) by Zoë Marriott – book cover, description, publication history.

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This book is truly my favourite and I feel with all my heart that it deserves 5 stars! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The whole second half of the story was going to be this massive arc about betrayal and secret histories and um I don’t know what was going on there! The first was of a pair of injured, lost people, talking to each other in the cramped darkness of a tiny cave while a river flowed by outside, confiding secrets that might never emerge in the light of day.

Regardless, their story is multilayered and I really enjoyed coming back to the world of Ruan. However, in order to write a book you need more than half a story arc and a setting.

The Accidental Writer

Some random things that might interest you about this book. Schade finde ich, dass dieses Buch nur ein Einzelband ist.

The second was of a golden person with stars in their eyes, standing in ripples of sunlight, reaching out to someone else and givng them a chance to change their life, and the sense of fearful exultation that second person would feel. The action scenes are great, as are the relationships.

In the beginning I didn’t really like Frost – she was constantly running away, and doubting herself, and rather annoying in general. For example, did you know that she originally planned for the main character to be a hero, not a heroine, and that the two love interests would therefore be female instead of male?


Both the heroes used to be heroines.

By being unconventional Frost shows readers how it is possible to learn and grow and that not everyone is the same. Mar 01, janie love rated it it was amazing. The three main characters are some of the most developed and three dimensional characters I have read about in a long time. She grew steadily throughout the book into an amazing heroine that I could connect with, and she ended up facing all of her worst fears and coming mareiott terms with who she really was.

Eine geniale Idee wie ich finde! But I can’t tell you about that one, as it would spoil the whole book: The descriptions are lacking in fire and fall short of igniting that spark.

Feb 16, Thenia rated it really liked it Shelves: On her blog I’ve always admired the way she was so intricate about world building and that is really reflected in her book. The true love is built up over the course of the book and kind of hits us in the face with a frying pan of emotion.

D I’m so glad I have my own copy of this book to read and reread. For those who haven’t, just go read it already! FrostFire deals with all the issues that I never had a chance to explore in DotF. Ok, so it’s frosttfire a fast-paced, action-packed thrilling fantasy, but it is beautifully intriguing and heartfelt and has a lot to say about love and life.

Ich habe sie mir wie eine Inuit vorgestellt, da sie auch aus einer sehr kalten Gegend stammt. Oct 23, Lucy-May rated it it was amazing Shelves: Touching, beautiful, and chilling. It can’t be said that she always acts selflessly, but after almost losing everything she had come to care about she realises the crucial difference between infatuation and love.


Oftentimes I groan and roll my eyes when there’s a triangle because it’s become such a cliche. Torn between two very different men, Frost fears that she may not be able to protect either of them The story of Frost, a girl with a secret burden on a desperate mission to find a way to be free of it.

On her way to a place where she thought she’d find the answers, her path crosses with that of Luca and Arian, the captain of the hill guard and his lieutenant, and their lives intertwine and change forever. Frost is cursed — possessed by a wolf demon that brings death everywhere she goes. You want headstrong heroines?

FrostFire (Daughter of the Flames, book 2) by Zoë Marriott

Jul 21, Luna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Characters don’t have it easy and must struggle like the rest of us, and this makes them all the more endearing. Desperate to find a cure, she flees her home, only to be captured by the Ruan Hill Guard.

Zow plot is paper-thin and transparent. Das Buch ist aus der Sichtweise von Frost geschrieben, sodass man nur bedingt die anderen Personen kennenlernt. Frosttire trying to save someone’s live she is captured by a group of warriors trying to regain their country from rebel fighters.