GFI Archiver’s MailInsights is an email archive reporting tool that can help you. Award winning Email archiving software for mail servers that reduces reliance. Learn about what’s new in GFI Archiver, the server archiving software for.

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Typical GFI Archiver installation diagram.

Archiving for productivity, management and compliance

Assists with compliance Stores emails centrally and securely tamper-free for compliance, eDiscovery and internal investigations. Users can build complex search rules based on date, sender, recipient and keywords. December mailarchifer, Release notes Fixes: GFI Archiver Version upgrade.

All maiilarchiver communications are stored in their original format, and can be quickly and easily searched and retrieved at any time. Select this option when you want to: Inboxes which are not being used also account for a significant amount of storage space that can be allocated to active users.

Secure archiving for compliance Mailarchivdr legal risk. History retention provides easy control over the storage of different versions of archived files. All Emails – Select this option to archive all items downloaded from the journaling mailbox. Email is your biggest, most critical source of company information and you can’t do business without it.

Firebird database — for evaluating organizations with less than 25 email users. Losing or deleting an important email or attachment can put you at legal risk.

Email and file history. Slow download for journal due to Calendar events parsing errors Bfi date issue in Homepage for mailflow chart License Key: By continuing to browse this site, you give consent for cookies to be used. If Auto-Archiving Journaling is selected, you must then select one of the following options: Companies can set up archiving rules and retention policies to categorize emails, and ensure they are stored for the required period of time.


Identify legal risks and manage productivity with reports that draw from the business-critical information in your archive. Archive emails and mailarchivre in their original state — in a central, tamper-proof store — to help with compliance, e-discovery and internal investigations.

Automatically archive email into a central store to mai,archiver efficiency, improve server performance and reduce storage requirements.

Enjoy peace of mind that stored emails are genuine and tamper-free with message-auditing functionality. Try now, for FREE. With GFI Archiver, managers and employees have peace of mind, knowing they can access their email history and business-critical documents virtually anywhere.

Setup email retention policies. Calendar archiving GFI Archiver enables you to archive calendar items that contain important meeting information. With GFI Mailarcgiver, all company emails are automatically filed centrally in a secure environment that can be accessed quickly and searched easily. Advanced search features Find and retrieve past emails, attachments and files, quickly and easily using advanced search and restore features.

Businesses have the peace of mind that vital company information stored in email is in a safe and manageable place. It also gives managers access to valuable business insight through a series of reports based on the wealth of company information maularchiver the archive. GFI Archiver is a subscription service product.

This database is bundled and automatically configured by Maolarchiver Archiver. This information can help management identify which users are most productive and show you communication networks as they build within the company. Larger organizations with a high volume of emails can opt to store their email archive in SQL. GFI Archiver uses single-instance storage SIS to store a single copy of a multi-recipient email and its attachments, rather than multiple copies of the same email.


They are committed to the sustainable management of their environment while promoting the region’s mailarchjver, social and cultural well-being. Take control of your email flow. GFI Archiver also ensures business continuity mailarcniver the case of server downtime or loss of connectivity.

Import items automatically from users’ mailboxes using the Archive Assistant with automatic import settings. The Communications Flow Report shows you who your employees, or groups of employees, are communicating with on a regular basis.

Archive files, folders, calendar entries and emails in a safe, secure and tamper-proof archive. Retrieve items to archive GFI Archiver retrieves emails, calendar items or files depending on the configured Archiving Method as described in the table below: Mailarcuiver a search is defined, the user can save the search criteria for easy reference at a later date, similar to Outlook search folders.

Manuals and Documentation | GFI Archiver

Where is all this email coming from? This release also adds support for Microsoft SQL Server and improvements to stability and functionality of the product making it more reliable and easier to use. Search for certain Japanese and Chinese characters yields no results.

Every message, attachment and file is automatically indexed before it are archived, enabling you to search and retrieve faster. January 24, GFI Archiver GFI Archiver is an award-winning solution used by tens of thousands of organizations around the world. This report ranks workers according to who uses email the most often, who responds to emails the fastest to, and who communicates with the greatest number of recipients. Additional bug fixes and enhancements.

View configured retention and spam policies.