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My wife ordered the brioche rainbow toast, taste was okay i guess but somehow after we finished both dishes didnt leave a good palate. It is super cool and beautiful.

The service is abrupt and rude even if you are a smiling friendly local. Overall experience, average dish with pricey dollar.

Great coffee and food, unfortunately I can’t say the same about their customer service. We loved these fun creations.

Nareszcie weekend! poleca wydarzenia

Two gluten free bacon and egg toasted sandwiches with avocado. When I was handed the sandwiches they said here is the one with the avo and one without.


We also got pooleca smoked salmon rainbow bagel with onions and capers. After several attempts going here and not much of a great experience we gave it another go. It is a must try! We all work for our money and when you want to treat yourself to something out you really expect the person on the other end wants you to have a good experience with their business.

We asked for water which eventually came but with no cups. I went inside to get them myself when I poured water into the first cup there was lipstick stain on the edge Meals werevery polecca service was poor. We also shared the beautiful shakshuka hotpot of slow cooked tomato, eggs, mushroom, onion and feta.

I was polite and reminded them I asked fo Today I had a pretty simple order. My juice was not as I ordered it and was undrinkable. Our coffee and meals came out before giantt juice drinks.

3.08. Weekend is finally here! Our tips

I mean rock hard stale. I ordered of of the reccomended dish on the menu, smoked salmon on rainbow bagel. I absolutely would have understood particularly at this time of year. The couple who was sitting next to us had ordered coffee which they received but then was waiting goant their food order to be taken We revisted The Tiny Giant for their new Willy Wonka limited edition rainbow brioche toast with purple Marscapone, figs, blueberries and strawberries, raspberries and fairy floss.


Was polsca disappointed was there yesterday for breakfast. Very sad to say this is the only local cafe serving breakfast open in Petersham today. Shame, but I’m not going back The amount of ginger in the giznt which I hadn’t ordered was overwhelming.