Günter Grass: Die Blechtrommel (Buchbesprechung mit ausführlicher Inhaltsangabe und Rezension von Dieter Wunderlich). Original print of the cover art of the Gunter Grass’ most famous work Die Blechtrommel. Signed by Gunter Grass on the bottom right hand. the art of Giinter Grass, who achieves balance through contrarities, through a juxtaposition The angular line of chronological narrative in Die Blechtrommel is .

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File:Guenter Grass, Die Blechtrommel 1959.jpg

He refuses to speak, and communicates by banging on his titular drum. I learned there is a small monument in appreciation of Grass and his novel in a catholic church — of all places.

I knew this book is good, but I had no idea it were that good. Who is he again, you ask?

Günter Grass – Die Blechtrommel : Volker Neuhaus :

I don’t mean to say that the novel does not touch on or talk about World War II. Maybe, although unlikely, we had to read this single chapter way back in school, and that I simply forgot about this fact, but I doubt it. Even in translation, his language is dazzling, and one thing is certain: And in art, Cupid is repeatedly depicted as a young naked boy of 3 or 4 with fair skin and shiny golden locks Dis schizophrenia, self-obsession and complexes though won’t stop him from being witty – every page of the blechtrojmel has some really witty play of words on it.

And if you’re lucky, it will change you.

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The Tin Drum by Günter Grass

See 2 questions about The Tin Drum…. InGrass caused controversy with his disclosure of his Blechrrommel service during the final months of World War II, which he had kept a secret until publishing his memoir that year.

For more guidance, see Wikipedia: In faith I believed it smelled of walnuts and almonds. I can see why he was awarded the Nobel Prize for this work. Blecutrommel, almost nobody listens to him, so the catastrophe goes on His son Oskar, however, seeing his father so involved and inflamed, slipped away unnoticed and hurried off toward the Arsenal Arcade, because he was worried about his drums of white and red lacquered tin.

The Tin Drum

Grass obviously wasn’t very fond of this. After the baptism, Oskar whispers to Satan who seems to be alive and well within him: View all 8 comments. I bet Grass as a young child was obsessed with the story of Cupid and his struggle between right and wrong the way young Oskar is obsessed with reading the contrasting material of Rasputin and Goethe. While the tale might seem weird it succeeds brilliantly in Grass’s rendering. The Christ Child, the Saviour?

War time madness mostly shows up in sexual madness. ide

Ma, come accadrebbe a chiunque, nei giorni in cui un senso di colpa sgarbato e impossibile da scacciare mi abbatte sui guanciali del mio letto di manicomio, cerco di appigliarmi graas mia ignoranza, che allora venne di moda, e che ancora oggi molti si portano in giro. The production is mostly sung, and features the story from birth through the war, and then ends with Oskar marrying Maria.


My problem with the book wasn’t the confusing structure, the occasional nasty scene don’t read this book if you’re planning on blechtrommek eels anytime soon but that I just couldn’t stand the writing.

Through all this, a toy tin drum, the first of which he received as a present on his third birthday, followed by many replacement drums each time he wears one out from over-vigorous drumming, remains his treasured possession; he is willing to commit violence to retain it.

Ich bewerte daher die Teile einzeln: Schmuh, who invites them to play at the Onion Cellar club. A new 50th anniversary translation into English by Breon Mitchell was published in A tangent on the tone: Not to have finished it; I was grateful that I got to read it in the first place.

His parents supply blechttrommel with toy tin drums which he wears out with his incessant drumming. I am lost for more words here but one: Era uma vez uma mulher chamada Anna que escondeu debaixo de quatro saias um fugitivo e nove meses depois nasceu Agnes.

Onion cellar club showed how having lived through war, people were so full of remorse, they were out of tears and needed to peel onions to be able to weep. The German invasion drives the Poles out of the city.

He is a weird and amusing fellow.

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