See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Graupner MC 24 collection. Join coupe-freak to create inspiring collections on eBay!. RC Jets – Transmitter Graupner MC24 – Hi Guys Does anyone use the Graupner MC24 for there jet transmitter. MY Futuba 9Z is out of channels. MC Kofferset 41 MHz Graupner günstig✓ & schnell✓ im geprüften OnlineShop bestellen! Riesen Auswahl mit über Artikeln.

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Hi, I still maintain what I said in the previous post.

Send a private message to Red Sky. You in the states will in a future have the “derivate”: There has been some discussions here on RCU in this subject.

This should not be the case with such a well made product. SUPER SERVO MENU gives clear overview garupner all servo adjustment data and allows simple correction of four major parameters direction of rotation, centre setting, separately adjustable servo travel and separately adjustable travel limiting for both sides of centre; all 12 servos can be braupner, giving a total of 72 adjustement facilities.

I have 2 of them. I was well treated by the UK dealer for a replacement. I use the switches on top mc4 the sticks for flight phases for helocopters and for flaps and gear for jets and other airplanes.

Graupner MC TX – RC Groups

The advert concentrates on useless glitter like the speed of the processor that is of no matter or use to anyone. I would still buy another one though because I like it. Multi-function menus for fixed-wing and helicopter models, optimised for real, practical applications.

The indications so far from Horizon PCM9x is that “they” will decide for you Highflight Out of Time. Most widely used standard transmission mode FM and FMsss. The Royal Evo has some new fancy battery management system too that looks very promising.


Actually it was not more expensive when I bought either. I’ve never seen a Graupner radio in the US. Notice what the advertising blurb concentrates on. Find More Posts by Red Sky.

The data safe for the MC24 not only saves the data on the computer but all the data can be viewed on the screen and printed out. This configuration included the Graupner Alu case.

Transmitter module mx-22/24 / mc-24

Basically all German produced Tx’s: Unsurpassed range based on my results and Eddie Weeks’. Find More Posts by JetflyerJ. Send a private message to rjpmodel. All the switches, whistles and bells are included int the MC The Evo is very good but the makes it look like a beginner’s radio!

Find More Posts by Woketman. MY Futuba 9Z is out of channels and I am looking for more options going to a 10x for 1 more channel does not appeal to me I would like several more. Perhaps at last this will bait an MC24 user to come out into the open and finally explain and confirm what it is actually capable of instead of making claims that it is better than a then disappearing when asked to confirm it!

This is totally multiplexed, no it’s not the PCM9, this one is made by JR for Graupner to run on a microprocessor and it’s fully upgradable, like the MC24, but you have to send it to Graupner for upgrades. Is it a redesigned Profi ? Volume of piezo sounder adjustable separately for each model memory. Great setwhen you figure out how to get the best from it. Three more channels on PPM to say the least.


Where are the MC24 owners when you need them? Last edited by HarryC; Mar 04, at So far, this system has proven flawless. Best transmitter I’ve ever owned.

As Woketman said, this offsets the servo centre. The reason is that the whole of the servos mechanics are at 1.

If I had a tray maybe I would not worry about dropping it. Can someone tell me if grauner are any differences between MX and MC? Last edited by WimH; Mar 04, at From what I have seen, the only difference would be the battery capacity. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I used to have an MC24 and had to replace landing gdaupner on every other landing, as I could not get used to tray type. The longer sticks means larger movements with your control inputs, this I feel gives better control overall.

Find More Posts by Flyjets.

I have 2 MC24’s with the latest software and completely agree with Per. Have a good fly anyway. Most of them now agree that the wider shallower case is in fact more comfy. In some circumstances it is then possible to overdrive the servo, normal servos tend to just stop at the limit but there are reports of digital servos either ceasing to work, or going berserk if overdriven.

And we can go further than that. Needs to have a handbook and DVD showing the best way to extract its fantastic possibilities in English.