Every individual is entitled to its own opinion. Like Sir. Griffiths, base on his study he believes that there is no hope in doing a perfect research. Do You Agree? This is a series of essays on There is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research (Griffiths, , p97). Do You Agree? ORDER YOUR ESSAY HERE. I agree with it because, research itself says re-searching which means to search for something again which has been done formerly, but it.

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From the very first person ate a fish, it was a research But of course, there is still some arguments about that whether it is a research then or just SEARCH. Griffiths, base on his study he believes that there is no hope in doing a perfect research. There is no time a perfect research shall be griffoths.

There is no Hope of Doing Perfect Research. Notify me of new comments via email. According to Big Bang theory, the universe has been existed for Is it possible to enjoy a research learn that would be clear of flaws and blunders? Research may be relevant to shares, technological innovation, usable items or even small house keep factors.

It was about the alarming contractualization cases here pp97 our country. What is true in a certain time could not be absolutely true for grifiths other time. This site uses cookies.

There is no hope of doing perfect research (griffiths, , p97). Do you agree? | Muhammad Qasim

Clair Kilby and Robert Noyce carried out research on semi-conductors. The first example of my research is to forecast the prices of some highland vegetables Munoz To rationalize my perspective I would report example of Dr. It is a trial and error process. The word hope describes the anticipation that something may be fulfilled. Some people opt to use qualitative research while others use such techniques gfiffiths quantitative, longitudinal, cross-sectional or empirical methods.

Research has also revolutionized security systems. They too, most probably, saw the absurdity of studying as, for example, an engineer for 5 years in college and just be an engineer for 6 months, or worse, skip this step and end up being a regular BPO company hopper no offense of course.


Computer technology was revolutionized after the discovery of microchip technology. Now, query occurs triffiths studies perfect why we individual claim about the summary made by that research. It must be continually improved to suit the ever-changing needs of people living at a specific time period. The following paragraphs explain the application of research in various life disciplines. It is common knowledge that human beings and machines that are made and operated by human beings are used in research.

I agree with it because, research itself says re-searching which means to search for something again which has been done formerly, but it never says that factors which had been done formerly were not appropriate or perfect.

I can still remember my first research. We, humans griiffiths a knack for being curious and endlessly looking for loopholes and perfection that I can only conclude that there is really no hope for a perfect research. As we have seen from the illustrations of research described above, we discover that research is a ongoing procedure that is designed at enhancing or changing the past concepts or concepts.

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There is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research (Griffiths, 1998, p97). Do You Agree?

He created and developed commercial infrastructure like bridges, buildings together with war machineries. Our ancestors had the most brilliant idea of eating fishes and many have died in the processmostly because of poison or they die before they even caught a fish Up until now there are still some ongoing researches about fishes as to which are edible and which are not. I wholly griffirhs using this type of issue. And errors are part of researches which will make it imperfect which is also bound for readjustments, continuous process, and improvement enable to adapt to the changes that happening in our fast developing and changing environment.

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, the French automobile engineer was the first person to invent a steam-powered tractor. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I agree with the statement by Griffiths that there is no hope of a perfect research.


These factors vary from one place to another, making replication of exploration difficult for researchers at different places who work at completely different conditions. Twelve hours Postpartum Feeding After Cesarean Section Globally, one of the fastest rising operative procedure is cesarean se The involvement of Thomas Graham continually profit a lot of people from era to development.

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Another research that I did is for a non-profit youth organization. The following illustrations highlight some of the practical areas demonstrating the faultiness of research. And that made my research much more valuable, because it was the first, the persons who will do the same research as I did can use my research as a basis.

A good example of imperfect research is in the field of computer technology. The word perfect is used to describe a flawless operation, process or action. It was back when I was still p79 junior in our college and I had to do a research about our course, and I chose the jobs that we would soon have after graduation, our options, at least.

There is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research, according to Griffiths (, p97) | geniecorner

This could cause them griffihts explore functions. In summary, I would like to agree with Griffiths that there is no wish of doing an ideal research. Therefore, I agree with the statement by Griffiths that there is no hope of doing a perfect research. There are numerous of well-known experts who have got earned the Nobel Winning prize due to their tremendous efforts in researching.

The ancient man used animal-drawn wagons as a means of transport as documented in the Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development. The dynamics of research are triggered by new life challenges. But, sacrifices are necessary for a research.