The Hot Shoe Diaries has ratings and 69 reviews. Richard said: The interesting thing about this book is that it has an enjoyable, casual style, ins. Another is I’ve been writing like a banshee on my new book, due in December, “ The Hot Shoe Diaries, Creative Applications of Small Flash,”. Hot Shoe Diaries is what it would be like ______. Warning: Contents Under Pressure Okay, so I am thinking an editor, say, some guy named Ted Waitt, maybe.

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If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. It’s all about an awareness of light and colour, and how to be creative. Took a while to finish hotxhoe the book as I was also playing with diareis camera at the same time. There’s lots of great information on gels, white balance, fill flash, shutter drag, EV compensatio Clear, accessible writing that will help you get the most from Nikon’s CLS in i-TTL diarues. McNally is nearly always in the field, which is vastly more interesting than studio work 2.

Aug 10, Darren Kirby rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nuts ‘n’ Bolts In an improvement over his first book, Joe actually spends some time talking about the gear that he uses — complete with pictures. Also available as an e-book from my local library, I read this after finishing The Moment it Clicks.

The Naked Presenter Garr Reynolds. Joe, who hothsoe a very talented photographer, who takes on a very technical subject, and makes the concepts very easy diaires understand.

Balancing ambient light with flash has become something I understand better because of this book. Also a note about technology: It also looks like maybe you gelled the headlights on the car far back? Jeg vil ikke kede jer med lange beskrivelser […]. McNally tells all of the techniques in his book, which he calls an irreverent brain dump of accumulated knowledge presented as a diary.


I walked down to check it out, and this enormous woman, chef for the hotel restaurant, was lifting chunks of ice out of an ancient freezer. An accomplished and widely-respected photographer, Joe McNally got his start as a newspaper photographer in New York, eventually becoming a staff photographer for Time magazine and a frequent contributor horshoe National GeographicSports Illustratedand numerous other publications.

Always a great one. It’s broken down into a series of many, many quick practical ho A flashy little book about flash hotsgoe. In Tucson right now for the Geographic.

That’s the case with Joe McNally’s newest offering. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

If you think you are handicapped by siaries having one good flash to accompany your digital SLR, you have no excuse for not taking excellent flash photographs after reading this book. Based on the beginning I thought it would overall be a bit more instructional and had hoped that it would bebut it turned into a bunch of really short chapters of anecdotes.

Many wishes for success on the new book! Although similar techniques are described, the photographs in the book generally do not replicate those in the video, with small exceptions.

Ron Martinsen’s Photography Blog: REVIEW: The Hot Shoe Diaries by Joe McNally (UPDATED: 5/10/09)

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article. McNally also spends much time explaining the pro’s and con’s of third-party accessories, and their applicability would diariee the same for any particular system.

Despite what some other reviewers have opined, this book is not just inspirational but a great discussion of “how” to light images well with small, hand-held strobes. You know I dig the noir…and you took it a whole new level. In my opinion it is hotshpe used to give ideas about how to set shoots, to inspire you.


The Hot Shoe Diaries

Looking forward to the book! I love this place to visit. Especially useful to me because: This lead to a conversation that became an opportunity to engage in one of the most depressing nights in my life. When it comes to photography, it’s all about the light. I didnt know you were in Tucson either! You have been warned.

This is what separates this book from a manual. I so enjoy them.

The Hot Shoe Diaries : Big Light from Small Flashes

There’s always a bunch of folks out there who want to know your f-stop. I will let the Nikon-ists explain whether they found it useful or not without diiaries diagrams. I guess Nikonians would love it better as Joe is a Nikon user.

Diarues tips and techniques with the mental aspect of photography. Fewer crowds and cheap golf rates especially the noon tee-timeto boot!

Joe writes like he’s sitting across the table from you at the pub, and of course, hotsohe takes some incredible photographs. As-good or better info can be had for free simply by reading the strobist. It is great to read your post. While Joe uses Nikon gear, the book is somewhat brand agnostic.