A guide to setting up the Linksys/Sipura SPA and SPA as an FXO Gateway simplified installation and configuration instruction by JMG Technology. Sipura SPA Simplified Users Guide Version b A Step by Step Introduction Written by Jason from JMG Technology Section 1 Getting Started When you. PSTN-VoIP gateway. SPA information Software And this http://www. Or, go to this line.

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You will need to suspend your PC rather than switch it off for this to work. Once the procedure has finished, you should be presented with the following screen and your upgrade has been completed. In the run box, after iexplore. You then fill in your account info as follows: If you listen carefully, you may hear a second echo.

IVR will announce the port that the web server is listening on. See my notes above. The dial plan show below is an example only, and may require alteration depending on which VoIP provider you subscribe to.

Of course, if you really want roll up your sleeves, there was a post in the long “Sipura Tricks” thread on exactly how to decode write your own “tone string”. Remember the OP did not say to which country it was called to.

When you dial an 0 followed by a 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 and then nine of any other digit it will prepend 61 and remove the 0. It explains how to use your Prestige to make phone calls through. Enter and listen to the response.


This error is caused if. It features fashionable and sleek design, and abundant. Thomasine Hopkins 2 years ago Views: So if you change from 12 to 6, the you will half the volume. You will be prompted to enter a name for the device.

If you don’t mind an Australian sounding dial tone check out the guide at this site: It allows an Australian land line to be called and it also allows you to select the PSTN line by dialing a 9. Error loop detected fixed. In the section Internet Connection Typeyou need to make the following changes:. You will see the following screen 4.

The SPA manages this for you. Click on your SPA image in the bottom left corner again, and drop it in the Config area. Select Internet Explorer from the list, then tfchnology Next 4. It routes all, calls out technolovy the PSTN line.

Using a SPA as an FXO Gateway to a Quadro 2x – The VoIP

We re going to configure a SIP Technologu. Now, do a search for the following line of code. Checking Computer Network Settings: Thanks for your responses, guys. Creating Extensions 4 5.

Using a SPA-3000 as FXO Gateway to a Quadro 2x

Confirm the change when asked to do so. Click on the SPA image in the bottom technloogy corner, and drag it to the blue devices section, then release. Click Add Scheduled Task, then click Next 3. There are many things that can cause echo on your SPA It also has an auto-configuration option when used with a Quadro PBX. This is where you set your subnet mask.


It is OK to upgrade to the latest 3. Connect the ATA to your network as shown below. You will need to enter this setting as the static subnet mask shortly. Please note that not all providers can be used in the extra gateways because they require registering.

Make sure you check out the notes below first! Tfchnology a few test calls and see if the problem is jng. Once you have it worked out, it is very easy to use and actually more intuitive that you first think. The dial plan will vary from provider to provider.

Additional Set-up Information More information. As to the power failure issue, another poster’s suggestion of using another country’s “dial tone” such as the Australian one linked to in this threadis probably the easiest way to customize your VoIP dial tone to sound ttechnology than the PSTN dial tone you will get during a power failure.

Now, do a search for the following line of code. The following changes are optional, however they will make your SPA sound more Australian. Quick Start Guide v1.