Easy understanding of Laytime calculation in a Voyage Charter Party: The statement of Fact is an important document for Laytime calculation. Laytime is the time, determined by the charterer, allowed for loading and discharging cargo. The laytime is spelled out in the voyage charter. Laytime calculation is one of the most laborious and time consuming tasks. However on the other hand, accurate laytime calculation can save a.

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Laytime Calculations Single Parcel Page: Subject to licence being granted.

Full cargo bulk maize subject to vessel’s capacity; expect vessel to load about 14, metric tons and to discharge 5, mt at first discharging port with remainder at second discharging port.

Laytime calculating requires a familiarity with a Timesheet and perhaps also a statement of facts. Make a note of how much time, usually described in running hours or days, is allowed by the charter for loading or discharge of the cargo.

Apart from the duration of the trip, an important factor in achieving the schedule of charters, is the time required for loading and discharging of goods. The charterparty clauses stipulating laytime, demurrage and despatch are of extreme importance. Beaufort wind scale Force 4. Calculstion a fixture has been made and the vessel has commenced performance of the charter, “post-fixture activities” become important.

A standard method should be used laytimr it should be mentioned here that various parties-owners, charterers, shippers and cargo receivers-may have methods and forms that suit each party. A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering. This time at the port is called laytime. Timesheets and Laytime calculation. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5.

Some features of this site may not work without it. The laytime can begin according to the clauses of the contract. Show full item record. The Laytime Calculations module is divided into five sections, Only the top field differ between the first four, all other fields are identical.


This allows lautime the possibility of a vessel simultaneously transporting multiple cargoes on either the same or on different charter parties.

A fixed voyage’s adjusted estimate will not update if demurrage and despatch is altered in the Laytime Calculations module, the Laytime Calculations module is incorrectly configured. Midnight to midnight each day except on Sundays and holidays as required. What are the advantages of registering under a flag of convenience? Beaufort wind scale Force 1. If not sent within this period, will not be accepted and will not be paid. Laytime is the time, determined by the charterer, allowed for loading and discharging cargo.

If not, the Laytime Calculations module will display an empty screen when opened. What is the difference between grounding and stranding? What general precautions should be taken against stowaways boarding in port? Demurrage and despatch clause: Exceptions to laytime and reasons: Full cargo bulk maize subject to vessel’s capacity; expect vessel to load about’ 14, metric tons and to discharge 5, mt at first discharging port with remainder at second discharging port.

Laytime calculation

Each calculation is auto-saved and can be shared, copied and if needed retrieved at a later date. Also make a note of any exceptions to this, such as work stoppages for weather or port holidays.

Each contracting party agrees to accept the risk in some cases provided. Created by Sofi Jonunglast modified on Oct 14, Apart from the significance of fixed or calculable laytime, the accuracy of timesheets also depends on a number of other factors. Beaufort wind scale Force 3. On the other hand, if charterer, had delivered the ship to owner, of the earlier agreed time, rightly he could claim financial compensation from him. Except where otherwise noted, this item’s license is described as Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.

Laytime Calculations Multiple Parcels Page: Expand to see related content.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. The laytime calculation also provides evidence should a dispute arise, which has to go calculwtion arbitration or to a court for solution. Video of the Day. Only in case there is an exception clause in the charter party will prevent disbursement of funds of demurrage and only if the claim be paid within the time period stated in the contract.


Read the laytime calculatiob of the voyage charter. If delays occur in the acts of loading or discharge, the charterer must pay the owner a fee, called “demurrage,” for time lost in port. The rain on 28 November occurred after laytime expired and the principle of “Once on demurrage, always on demurrage” applies. If standard forms were used, perhaps some areas of dispute may be reduced.

No laytime calculation can be performed on estimates. Extracts from actual charterparties will be used in the examples, with modifications of quantities and loading and discharging rates in order to round off the calculations as far as possible.

How to Calculate Laytime

Time lost in waiting for berth to count as loading or discharging time, as the case may be. In the following chapters we will analyze the temporal validity and calculation of laytime reasons for discontinuation their operations, which are the exceptions clauses and specific factors that are involved in determining of laytime and which procedures are used to calculate them.

When laytime is not fixed or calculable, such as clauses present in the charterparty that the cargo is to be discharged “as customary” or “as fast as the vessel can deliver”, the variables of “customary”, “reasonable time” and so on, are uncertain so that although demurrage and despatch may become payable, to calculate these amounts would have to depend on the various parties’ opinion of “reasonable”, “customary”, etc.

An introduction will be given here to laytime calculation, based on different charterparty terms and for dry cargo and oil cargo. Beaufort wind scale Force 7.