Throughout the narrator’s elaborate life; he experienced love, friendship, and sickness; as well as many other things described in his book: Love in Exile. Don’t expect a love affair: this is the story of a devastating mid-life crisis fleetingly relieved by doomed love. Set against a background of genocide in Lebanon. Publisher’s Summary: In Love in Exile Bahaa Taher presents multilayered variations on the themes of exile, disillusionment, failed dreams, and the redemptive.

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The issues of love, regret, complacency, and complicity are explored in this haunting work.

The novel probes the possible motivations behind this bizarre act of vandalism. Love In Exile Author s: While abroad, he followed Egyptian affairs closely, noting the growing gap between rich and poor, Muslim and Christian.

Cairo’s greatest literary secret

Love in Exile is originally written in Arabic. His novel The Point eile Light was an attempt to understand why such change had taken place. Enter title, subject or author. In Taher’s view, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood – the strongest opposition, with a fifth of seats in the assembly – thrives “because all other ideologies have collapsed, and people can’t live without hope.

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It’s when you don’t know the other exle you’re afraid. I sat on the chair at once holding the paper in my trembling hands. My library Help Advanced Book Tzher. No journal in Europe wants to broadcast the news in so as not to be considered anti-semitic. Physical description p.

It’s a sad and tragic situation. Sunset Oasis reflects his frustration at Egypt’s stagnation under Hosni Mubarak, president since Sadat’s assassination in and now poised to hand power to his son Gamal. A Distant Past a Dead Past. Taher, aged 73, spent 14 years in Gy as a UN translator before returning to Cairo inand is fluent in English. However, the horror of events surrounding the occupation of Lebanon in soon shocks them out of their contentment and safety.

Mubarak divided and conquered. Women are also casualties in his fiction.

Taher’s humane vision may chime with an implicit aim of the prize. Born in Cairo inTaher spent summers in Karnak, his parents’ village near Luxor. Inthis Egyptian police chief dynamited part of the ancient Ammon-Ra temple complex whose oracle Alexander the Great consulted.

Love in Exile by Bahaa Taher

Absorbed in introspection over his impotent position at the paper and in ill health, he suddenly finds himself faced with two issues he cannot ignore: While some contemporaries have withdrawn from politics, others have become Islamists, “astonishingly, since so many were Marxists in our youth”.


Reading Pleasure 28 June at Don’t have an account? When asked why he abandoned the relative comfort of Switzerland to return to Egypt, Taher says: Tender Night Gentle Garden. Few Arabic novelists can earn a living from their books. It’s the first-person narrative of an unnamed veteran journalist whose support of English Imprint Cairo ; New York: Enter title, subject or author WorldCat.

Don’t expect a love affair: Brigitte, also an exile of sorts, encourages him to turn his back on the problems and pressures of the everyday world and cocoon himself in the warmth of their love. He lives in Zamalek, on an island in the Nile, with his wife of 17 years, Stefka, a Russian interpreter of Greek and Slovenian descent.

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