Boston Unveiled – That Old Black Magic The first European mages to arrive in New England made dark compacts and concords that still affect. It’s basically a mash-up of Boston Unveiled (which has made my Mages control most of Boston, vampires control what’s left, there’s a. Mage: The Awakening—Boston Unveiled. White Wolf Publishing. * (based on 1 rating). WWP Our Price: $ Unavailable. Facebook.

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My only complaint, and the only omission from the book, is something of a tourist guide to the town; what is there to see and do. After all but two mages cast their votes Khumeia wins by a meager three votes and is the new acting Heirarch.

All of the cabals in Boston are described person by person and how they interact with each other. After she comes to the three are surrounded by a group identifying themselves as The Red Word cult. The Nemean is plenty powerful, and plenty brutal.

He wants to create an environment where the mages in his Consilium are eventually forced to overthrow and replace him, ideally with someone wiser and more capable as Hierarch. Revlon was then escorted in the direction of Salem and upon arrival he sees Barrons and a few other werewolves preparing for an assault. Shortly after Septino was contacted by the Night Watch and brought to a secure location where several members of the cabal were severly injured amd on a table protected by many enchantments and unconscious lay the missing Nemean ….

Myself, I never ran it, since at the time I felt the Salem Thee was too much like a kindred princedom to my liking.

Paige aand graves located an apartment building where one of the windows was covered in newspapers and decided to check it out, paige climbed thd fire escape and made entry while graves used the front door. Share your thoughts with other customers. Septino is informed by Morvron previously that the Nemean was abducted for the putpose of obtaining crutial information he is hiding that might spell disaster for the consilium.


And the rest of the book is just filled with pages and pages of existing cabals, either allies or antagonists. Did any of you changed parts of the setting-as-written?

Mage Awakening: Boston Unveiled | Adventure Log | Obsidian Portal

Honestly, if you are a bunch of regular Mages who turn up on his turf unwelcomed, then the Nemean is not the type to get huffy and sent some diplomats etc. After a few efforts to booston in Aurora distracted the guard to get in. You might also want to know the secret history of the place, who the movers and shakers are, and what plots are going on.

Revlon confronts Tge amd Mockmar over several dissagreements when Zeno makes and appearance and offers Revlon an invitation to join the Night Watch. He’ll just take some guys and go around to your Sanctum and fuck you up. I am no longer participating in the community. I definitely recall that but can’t recall why he wants to do that. Aawakening mage sight the mages summarized that they needed to light up certain symbols to advance into the area and that failure could result in lethal consequences.

Revlon is then quwstioned unveiiled Morvron about a few incidents and given advice on what it takes to be in their cabal. It’s basically a mash-up of Boston Unveiled which has made my world-building work SO much easier and the older Dark Colonies stuff, with lots of local history thrown in.

After a short discussion she blacks our and comes to in the kitchen of the consilium in Salem. Walter informs the group that the sanctum is the overlap of two Ley Lines, and that someone is also trying to create a Verge. Please try again later. mmage


From ancient oaths signed in blood to the dying curses of witches, Boston’s modern mages are bound by fates not of their own making. Send his three sentinels after them?

I refuse to spoil anything of the legend, except to say that it ties into the Salem Settlement hinted at in the core book. He then gets stuck in his own mind by the rest of the Silver Ladder for his transgressions.


White Wolf – Mage The Awakening Boston Unveiled WW40200

What have you done with it? The hound is successfully knocked back and disappears into the portal. BOSTON begins with the secret history of the place city and colonywhat went on behind the Sleeper scenes, how power was gained and lost. Seems unlikely to me. A lot of the content of gaming books is somewhat arbitrary – you can make up the stats for your own cabal of mages, write your own consilium procedure, your own architecture, etc.

I’ve kneecapped the Illuminated Pentad though. See and discover other items: The stranger leaned down slicing the old mans throat while Paige stood by, invisible to the attacker. A chase followed with the mages discovering that the apparent leader was in fact a werewolf who transformed and injured several party members but force arcana was used to drop the beast.

The remaining mages grouped outside the building when the house was reduced to rubble as something inside had gone off. White Wolf Publishing; 1st edition October 31, Language: More importantly, how do the major cabals react? Mage Legacies the Ancient Mage the Awakening. The chaos increases as cabals begin fighting over leadership for the consilium in the absence of the Nemean.

I knew I wanted some kind of over-arching doom plot that all roads eventually lead toward. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. In another container a sarcophagus was opened releasing some sort of mummy inside which attacked the other part of the group.

The Boston consilium is described, both the people and the protocols. At least, that was the original intent

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