Powiatowa lady Makbet (oryg. ros. Леди Макбет Мценского уезда, dosł. Lady Makbet powiatu mceńskiego) – opowiadanie Nikołaja Leskowa napisane w . Lady Makbet mceńskiego powiatu (Леди Макбет Мценского уезда), w późniejszej wersji zmienionej Katarzyna Izmajłowa (ros. Катерина Измайлова) – opera.

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The nobility of her husband tries to convince her son and Rosse – a friend of Macduff. Macbeth and Banquo encounter three witches. A friend is moving about the prophecies of witches, but Macbeth pretends that she did not do any impression on him. Macbeth plans to “remove this stumbling block out of the way.

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Macbeth’s wife, Lady Macbeth, with a letter from her husband finds out about his appointment tanem Strrszczenie and the prophecies of witches. The servant tells Lady Macbeth that in her castle at night stop near Duncan. Macbeth wonders about the prophecy concerning Banquo czarowni and decides to get rid of a competitor. Macbeth’s castle in Dunzynan. Strolling in the sleepless night Lady Macbeth meets her husband.

Makbet Williama Szekspira : Streszczenie. Analiza. Interpretacja

Witches prepare a magical soup. Hires people who are returning to the castle to kill Banquo and Fleance’a. The King begins to behave strangely, the guests – Macbeth explaining the behavior of a disease – they want to leave the feast.


It is confident of victory. Macbeth leaves to make the crime. The army approached the castle of Macbeth. Siward learns about the circumstances of the death of his son.

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The sons of Duncan, Malcolm and Donalbein, leaving Scotland with fears for his life. Everyone welcome Malcolm as the new king of Scotland.

Castle in the afternoon dance Macduff. Macbeth accidentally fixes his wife. Macbeth decides to ask the witch for their mskbet fate. Macduff wants a lonely battle with Macbeth.

etreszczenie Macbeth comes to the castle. Wonders if the fate of Macbeth, did not help, contributing to the murder of the king. Now, going to England to ask King Edward for help in the fight against Macbeth.

Macduff announces that the murderers of the king was guarding him guards. Macbeth announces that the next night is going to happen, “a work of terrible importance,” but does not want makber tell my wife that it comes to murder Banquo. His wife informs him about his plans to kill the king. The plain in front of Macbeth’s castle in Dunzynan. The doctor says he can not help her. Lady Macbeth Macbeth explains the behavior of disease in childhood.


Witches vanish, not told of his prophecy. Rosse arrives to the castle with the information about the death of Macduff’s wife and children. He suspects that the guilty sons persuaded their king. The gate leading to the palace in Forres. Macbeth decides to kill Macduff and his family. Was elected to the throne Macbeth, coronation to be held in Skonie.

Lady Makbet mceńskiego powiatu

The royal palace in England. Macduff calls Macbeth to surrender. Thinking of fulfilled prophecy of witches on Macbeth, Banquo wonders about the prophecy concerning himself. Rebellious Scottish lords and knights are to meet with British troops led by Makbbet, Malcolm and Siward Malcolm’s uncle at the Birnam forest. Lady Macbeth and Banquo invites her husband for the evening feast. He decides to help her husband in her accomplishment.

The battle between the Scottish and Norwegian troops reported Dunkanowi Scottish king’s messengers.